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Hydrocotyle bonariensis Comm. ex Lam.

ENGLISH :  Beach pennywort, Giant pennywort, Largeleaf pennywort, Water pennywort.


Hydrocotyle himalaica P. K. Mukherjee

SYNONYM(S) : Hydrocotyle javanica Thunberg var podantha C. B. Clarke non Molkenboer, Hydrocotyle podantha auct. non Molkenboer

NEPALESE :    Ghora tophay,    Seta taapre.


Hydrocotyle javanica J. P. Ponten ex Thunb. 

SYNONYM(S) : Hydrocotyle javanica Thunb.

ENGLISH : Pennywort.

JAPANESE :  オオバチドメ   Oobachidome, オオバチドメグサ  Oobachidome gusa.

SINHALESE :        Gotugola,    Gotukola.

THAI :    บัวบก  Bua bok khao,   ผัก   Phak nok,  Phak nok doi (Chiang Mai),   ผักช้าง   Phak nok chang  (Northern Thailand).

Nước rau má, Rau má Java .


Hydrocotyle nepalensis Hook. f.

SYNONYM(S) : Hydrocotyle hispida D.Don, Hydrocotyle javanica sensu F.B.I. pp., Hydrocotyle polycephala Wight & Arnott

CHINESE :   乞食碗.  (Taiwan).

JAPANESE :  オオバチドメ   Oobachidome.

NEPALESE :    Haattii pilaa (Hatti pila). 

THAI : Awaiting feedback.

Hydrocotyle ramiflora  Maxim.

JAPANESE :  オオバチドメ   Oobachidome,  オオチドメ  Oochidome,   ヤマチドメ  Yama chidome, おおちどめ  Oochidome.

Photograph  of leaves in Japan.
Photograph  of leaves  in Japan.
of leaves in Japan.

Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L. f.

ENGLISH :  Water pennywort.

Hydrocotyle siamica Craib  

SYNONYM(S) : Hydrocotyle javanica Thunb. var. siamica (Craib) Hosseus, Hydrocotyle siamensis H. Wolff

BURMESE : Myin-kwa-ywet.

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback (Hang kor chow).

ENGLISH : Large pennywort.

FRENCH : Hydrocotyle de Siam.

MALAY : Daun pegaga, Pegagan (Indonesia).

TAGALOG : Takip-kohol

SINHALESE :        Gotukola,     Heen gotu kola

THAI :  พั   Phak nok (Northern Thailand).  

VIETNAMESE : Nước rau má, Rau má xiêm.


Photograph in Japan.

Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lam.

SYNONYM(S) : Hydrocotyle rotundifolia Roxb.

CHINESE :   天胡荽 .

JAPANESE :   チドメグサ  Chidome gusa.

NEPALESE :       Saano ghod taapre (Sano ghod tapre).

THAI :  Ya klet hoi  (Central Thailand).

Rau má nhỏ.

Hydrocotyle umbellata L.

ENGLISH : Marsh pennywort. 

FRENCH :  Hydrocotyle à ombelle.

THAI :  แว่นแก้ว   Waen kaeo (Bangkok).

Photographs of leaves compiled by Google.
Photograph 1 by Linda Lee at USC Herbarium.
Photograph 2  at Water Scapes.

Hydrocotyle villosa (L.) L. f.

SYNONYM(S) : Centella villosa L.

ENGLISH : Awaiting feedback.

FRENCH :  Hydrocotyle à feuilles velues. 


Hydrocotyle vulgaris L.

CHINESE :   如香菇草 , 香菇草.

ENGLISH : Marsh pennywort 

GERMAN : Gewöhnlicher Wassernabel.

SWEDISH : Spikblad.


Photographs of leaves compiled by Google.



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