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Hylocereus costaricensis (Weber) Britt. &Rose

SYNONYM(S) : Hylocereus costaricensis (F.A.C. Weber) Britton & Rose

ENGLISH : Costa Rica nightbloomingcactus

PORTUGUESE : Pitaya vermelha depolpa vermelha (Brazil).


Hylocereus ocamponis (Salm-Dyck) Britton &Rose

SYNONYM(S) : Cereus ocamponis Salm-Dyck

SPANISH : Pitahaya, Pitayaroja.


Hylocereus triangularis (L.) Britton &Rose

SYNONYM(S) : Cactus triangularis L., Cereus triangularis (L.) Haw., nom. illeg.

ENGLISH : Queen of  the night.

FRENCH : Cierge liane, Cierge rampant.

GERMAN : Pitahaya.

PORTUGUESE : Cardeiro-trepador, Cardo-ananá (Brazil), Cardo-ananás (Brazil), Pitaiaiá (Brazil), Rainha da noite.

SPANISH : Pitaja, Pitahaya amarilla (Colombia), Pitaya amarilla.   


Hylocereus trigonus ( Haw.) Saff.

SYNONYM(S) : Cereus triangularis auct non Haw. , Cereus trigonus Haw., Cereus venditus Paulsen, Hylocereus lemarii W. Hook

FRENCH : Cierge liane ( Antilles), Raquette tortue ( Réunion ).

OTHER(S) : Tsiloteloravina (Malagasy ), Tsilotelorirana (Malagasy )


Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Britton &Rose

SYNONYM(S) : Cereus triangularis var. aphyllusHaw. Jacq., Cereus triangularis var. major Haw.DC., Cereus tricostatus Gosselin, Cereus trigonus var. guatemalensis Haw.  Eichlam, Cereus undatus Haw., Hylocereus tricostatus  (Rol.-Goss) Britton et Rose 

ENGLISH : Belle of the night, Conderella plant, Dragon-fruit, Night-blooming cereus, Pitahaya,  Queen-of-the-night,  Red pitahaya, Strawberry-pear.   

FRENCH :  Fruit du dragon,  Pitahaya rouge, Pitaya.

GERMAN : Distelbirne, Drachenfrucht, Echte Stachelbirne, Königin der Nacht, Rotepitahaya , Waldkaktus.

PORTUGUESE : Cato-barse, Cardo-ananaz, Pitaya vermelha de polpa branca (Brazil), Rainha da noite.

SPANISH : Flor de caliz (PuertoRico), Junco tapatío (Mexico), Pitahaya de cardó, Pitahaya dulce,  Pitahaya orejona (Mexico), Pitahaya blanca (Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela), Pitahaya roja  (Colombia, Mexico,Venezuela), Pitajava (Puerto Rico), Reina de la noche (Mexico), Tasajo (Mexico),  Zacamb.  

Photograph of fruits at Pépinière Aromatiques Tropicales.



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