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Iguanura arakudensis Furtado

CHINESE : A la ku de lie xi zong.

Iguanura bicornis Becc.

CHINESE : Er jiao lie xi zong.

Iguanura borneensis Scheff

Iguanura brevipes Hook.f.

CHINESE : Duan bing lie xi zong.

Iguanura corniculata Becc.

CHINESE : Xiao jiao lie xi zong

Iguanura diffusa Becc.

CHINESE : Pi san lie xi zong.

Iguanura elegans Becc.

MALAY : Tronok sesudu.

Iguanura ferruginea Ridley

CHINESE : Xiu se lie xi zong.

Iguanura geonomaeformis Mart.

CHINESE : Di di lü zhuang lie xi zong.

THAI : xxx.

Iguanura humilis (Kiew) C. K. Lim

Iguanura leucocarpa Blume

Iguanura macrostachya Becc.

Iguanura malaccensis Becc.

CHINESE : Ma la ke lie xi zong.

Iguanura polymorpha Becc.

CHINESE : Duo xing lie xi zong.

Iguanura spectabilis Ridley

CHINESE : Mei li lie xi zong.

MALAY : Tronok daun lebar.

Iguanura wallichiana (Mart.) Benth. & Hook f.

SYNONYM(S) : Iguanura wallichiana (Mart.) Benth. & Hook f. ex Becc.

CHINESE : Wa shi lie xi zong.

ENGLISH : xxxx Awaiting feedback.

FRENCH : xxxx Awaiting feedback.

GERMAN : xxxx Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Tronok.

THAI : xxx.


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