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Korthalsia andamanensis Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Korthalsia scaphigera Kurtz

FRENCH : Korthalsia des îles Andaman.

Korthalsia cheb Becc.

FRENCH : Korthalsia de Borneo.

MALAY : Danan semut (Sarawak), Keb (Kalimantan, Sabah, Sarawak), Wee jematang tengan.

Korthalsia echinometra Becc.

CHINESE : Ci yi zong.

FRENCH : Korthalsia de Borneo.

MALAY : Rotan dahan, Rotan meiya (Indonesia), Rotan semut (Indonesia, Malaysia), Rotan udang, Uwi hurang (Indonesia), Wi seru (Sarawak).

Korthalsia farinosa Becc.


Korthalsia ferox Becc.

MALAY : Danan kuning (Sarawak).

Korthalsia flagellaris Miq.

CHINESE : Bian zhi yi zong.

MALAY : Danan (Sarawak), Rotan dahan (Indonesia, Malaysia).

Korthalsia grandis Ridley -> Korthalsia laciniosa Griff. ex Mart.

Korthalsia hispida Becc.

ENGLISH : Ant rattan.

Korthalsia junghuhnii Miq.

MALAY : Rotan bulu (Java).


Korthalsia laciniosa Griff. ex Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Korthalsia grandis Ridley

CHINESE : Da yi zong (as K. grandis).

MALAY : Rotan dahan.

THAI : (as K. grandis).

Korthalsia lanceolata J. Dransf.

MALAY : Rotan dahan.


Korthalsia paludosa Furtado

CHINESE : Zhao ze yi zong.

Korthalsia rigida Blume

CHINESE : Jian ying yi zong.

MALAY : Danan tai manok (Sarawak), Rotan dahan (Indonesia, Malaysia) .

THAI : .

Korthalsia robusta Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Korthalsia macrocarpa Becc.

ENGLISH : Ant rattan.

FRENCH : Korthalsia de Sumatra.

MALAY : Rotan asas (Indonesia, Malaysia) .

Korthalsia rostrata Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Korthalsia scaphigera Griff. ex Mart.

CHINESE : Zhou zhuang yi zong (as K. scaphigera).

MALAY : Danan wi batu (Sarawak), Rotan semut (Indonesia, Malaysia) , Rotan udang.

FRENCH : Korthalsia de Malacca.

Korthalsia scaphigera Griff. ex Mart -> Korthalsia rostrata Blume

Korthalsia scortechinii Becc.

CHINESE : Si kao shi yi zong.

THAI : .

Korthalsia tenuissima Becc.

CHINESE : Ji xi yi zong.

MALAY : Rotan daha tikus.

Korthalsia zippelii Blume

MALAY : Inuwai (Irian Jaya).

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