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Leccinum aurantiacum S.F. Gray. (edible)

SYNONYM(S) : Leccinum rufum (Schaeff.) Kreisel

ITALIAN : Porcinello rosso, Boleto arancio.

Leccinum carpini (Schulz.) Moser. : Reid (edible)

SYNONYM(S) : Boletus carpini (Schulz.) Pearson

Leccinum chromapes (Frost) Sing.

JAPANESE : , Akebono awa take.

Leccinum corsicum (Rolland) Sing.

SYNONYM(S) : Boletus corsicum Rolland, Boletus sardous Belli &Saccardo, Leccinum hispanicum Moreno, Leccinum crocipodium var. corsicum (Rolland) Bertrand.

SPANISH : Faisán de la jara.

Leccinum crocipodium (Letellier) Watl. (edible)

SYNONYM(S) : Boletus crocipodium Letellier, Leccinum nigrescens (Richon & Roze) Sing.

Leccinum griseum (Sing.)

GERMAN : Hainbuchen-Rauhfuss, Hainbuchen-Rauhfuß.

Leccinum holopus (Rostk.) Watl. (edible)

SYNONYM(S) : Krombholziella holopoda (Rostk.) Pil.

POLISH : Kozlarz bialawi (accent aigu on z, l of bialawi crossed)

Leccinum lepidum (Bouchet & Essette) Quadraccia

ITALIAN : Porcinello del leccio, Funciu di ilici.

SPANISH : Faisán.

Leccinum quercinum (Pil.) Green & Watl. (edible)

SYNONYM(S) : Krombholziella quercina (Pil.) Sutara, Leccinum quercinum Pilát ex Pilát

Leccinum rigidipes P.Orton (edible)

Leccinum rugosiceps (Peck) Singer

JAPANESE : , Aka yamadori

Leccinum scaber (THIS NAME NEEDS CHECKING) -> Boletus scaber Bull. : Fr.

FRENCH : Bolet rude.

Leccinum scabrum (Bull. : Fr.) S.F. Gray (edible) (comestible *)

SYNONYM(S) : Krombholziella scabrum (Bull.) Maire, Krombholzia scaber Bull. : Fr., Boletus scaber Bull. : Fr.

DANISH : Brun birkerørhat.

ENGLISH : Shaggy boletus.

FRENCH : Bolet rude, Cèpe rude, Bolet raboteux, Bolet rugueux, Camparat pagous, Cravette, Cravitte grise, Cravitte rousse, Fonge raspignous, Gambotte, Gyrole, Tremoulo.

GERMAN : Birkenpilz, Birkenröhrling, Graukappe, Kapuzinerpilz, Schwarzkopf.

ITALIAN : Porcinello, Boleto ruvido, Boleto scabro, Arbatrello, Boleo arbarelo, Cerrino, Albarello.

Yama iguchi take (THIS NAME NEEDS CHECKING).

POLISH : Kozlarz babka.

Leccinum versipelle (Fr. & Hök) Snell.

SYNONYM(S) : Leccinum testaceoscabrum (Sécr.) Sing., Boletus versipellis Fr. & Hök

DANISH : Rød birkerørhat.




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Still to check

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