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Lepidium campestre (L.) R. Br.

ENGLISH : Bastard cress, Field cress, Field peppergrass, Field pepperweed, Pepperwort.

FRENCH : Bourse de Judas, Lépidie des champs (Canada), Passerage des champs.

POLISH : Pieprzyca polna.

Lepidium densiflorum Schrad.

CHINESE : Mi hua du xing cai.

FRENCH : Lépidie densiflore (Canada).

POLISH : Pieprzyca gestokwiatowa.

Lepidium graminifolium L.

FRENCH : Cresson vivace, Nasitort, Naston.

Lepidium latifolium L.

CHINESE : Kuan ye du xing cai.

ENGLISH : Broad-leaf peppergrass, Broad-leaf pepperweed, Peppergrass, Perennial peppercress, Perennial pepper-grass (Canada), Perennial pepperweed.

FRENCH : Grande passerage, Lépidie à feuilles larges (Canada).

GERMAN : Breitblättrige Kresse.

ITALIAN : Lepidio latifoglio.

PORTUGUESE : Erva-pimenteira.

SPANISH : Lepidio, Mastuerzo montesino, Piperisa.

Lepidium meyenii Walp.

SYNONYM(S) : Lepidium peruvianum G. Chacón de Popovici

ENGLISH : Peruvian ginseng.

QUECHUA :  Ayak chichira, Ayak willku, Chichira, Huto huto, Maca, Maka, Maca-maca, Maino.

4 varieties :  Cream yellow (Amarillo cremoso), Red striped with yellow (Morado con franjas amarillas), Red  (Moradas)and black (Negras) .

Photograph at UC Davies.

Lepidium ruderale L.

ENGLISH : Roadside pepper-grass (Canada).

FRENCH : Lépidie rudérale (Canada).

Lepidium sativum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium sativum Medik., Thlaspi sativum Crantz.

CHINESE : Jia du xing cai.

DUTCH : Tuinkers, Hofkers.

ENGLISH : Common garden cress, Garden cress, Pepper grass, Pepperwort.

FRENCH : Cresson alénois, Cresson des jardins, Cressonnette, Nasitort, Passerage cultivé.

GERMAN : Gartenkresse.

GREEK :  Λεπίδιο  Lepidio.

ITALIAN : Crescione inglese, Crescione di giardino, Crescione comune, Lepidio, Agretto.

NORWEGIAN : Matkarse.

POLISH : Pieprzyca siewa.

PORTUGUESE : Agrião, Mastruco.

RUSSIAN :  Кресс салат   Kress salat.

SPANISH : Berro de huerta , Berro de tierra, Berro alenois.

Lepidium sativum L. ' Aureum '

CHINESE : Jin ye jia du xing cai.

ENGLISH : Golden garden cress, Golden-leaved garden cress.

FRENCH : Cresson alénois doré.

Lepidium sativum L. ' Crispifolium '

ENGLISH : Curled garden cress.

FRENCH : Cresson alénois frisé.

Lepidium sativum L. ' Latifolium '

CHINESE : Kuan ye jia du xing cai.

ENGLISH : Broad-leaved garden cress.

FRENCH : Cresson alénois à large feuilles.

GERMAN : Breitblättrige Gartenkresse.





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