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Levisticum officinale W. D.J. Koch.

SYNONYM(S) : Levisticum vulgare Reichb., Levisticum vulgare Hill , Ligusticum levisticum L., Angelica levisticum All., Angelica levisticum Baillon

ARABIC : Kâshin, Kâshin rûmî, Angudân rûmî.

CHINESE : Ou dang gui.

DANISH : Løvstikke, Maggiurt.

DUTCH : Maggikruid.

ENGLISH : Lovage, Mountain hemlock.

ESTONIAN : Harilik leeskputk.

FINNISH : Liperi.

FRENCH : Livèche, Ache de montagne, Céleri de montagne, Céleri batard, Céleri perpétuel, Herbe à maggi (Switzerland), Séséli commun.

GERMAN: Berg-Liebstöckel, Liebstock, Liebstöckel, Echter liebstöckel, Maggikraut (Switzerland).

HUNGARIAN : Lestyán.

ICELANDIC : Skessujurt .

ITALIAN : Levistico, Ligustico, Sedano di Monte, Sedano di montagna, Seseli comune.

NORWEGIAN : Løpstikke, Kjærlighetsurt.

POLISH : Lubczyk ogrodowy.

RUSSIAN : Ljubistok, Zorja, Goritsvet, Krovavnik, Guljavitsa.

SPANISH : Apio de montaña, Levístico, Ligústico.

SWEDISH : Libbsticka.

TURKISH : Selam otu, Yaban kereviz, Kiashém (romanized - shé = s with cedilla).


Photograph of leaves by Börje Wernersson at Den Virtuella Floran.

Photographs & description (Swedish) at Den Virtuella Floran.


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