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There are 311 species listed in the French Wikipédia. 1169 in the uBio list (with 3 average repetitions of the same taxon)

Licania apetala (E. Mey.) Fritsch
SPANISH :  Mamoncillo rebalsero (Venezuela), Manteco de agua (Venezuela), Mezcla pasita (Venezuela), Tacamahaco (Venezuela).

Licania arborea Seem.
SYNONYM(S) :  Licania bullatifolia Cuatrecasas,  Licania retusa Pilger, Licania seleriana Loesner
ENGLISH :  Arborescent licania.
FRENCH :  Licania arborescent.
SPANISH :  Aceituno (Costa Rica), Alcornoco (Costa Rica), Alcornoque (Costa Rica), Apacharama (Peru), Cacahuananche (Mexico), Canilla de mula (Costa Rica, El Salvador), Caña dulce (Colombia, Mexico), Encina (Guatemala), Falso roble (wood name, Costa Rica), Frailecillo (Mexico), Palo de fraile (Mexico), Raspa (Panama), Roble blanco (wood name, Costa Rica), Totopostle (Mexico).

Licania hypoleuca Benth.
SYNONYM(S) :  Licania grisea Kleinh., Licania parvifolia Huber
UNIDENTIFIED :  Basokapau (Surinam), Hegron anaura (Surinam), Kuepielan (Surinam), Onikhiakhia (Surinam).

Licania incana Aubl.
SYNONYM(S) :  Hedycrea incana (Aubl.) G.F. Gmel., Licania crassifolia Benth.
FRENCH : Caligni, Caligni blanc (French Guiana).
PORTUGUESE :  Citicica
SPANISH :  Hicaquillo, Icaquito

Licania laxiflora Fritsch.
SYNONYM(S) :   Licania gracilis Kleinhoonte, Licania macrophylla Klotzsch, non Benth.
PORTUGUESE :  Anauerá (Brazil), Macucu terra (Brazil).

Licania macrophylla Benth. 
ENGLISH :  Monkey apple.
FRENCH :  Bois gris, Gris-gris, Gris-gris coumate, Grisgris rouge,
PORTUGUESE :  Anauerá,
SPANISH :  Caña dulce, Merecure de montana
Macucu-roxo, anuera, anoera, marishballi, cariperana, Abure, Anaoura, Anauera, Caraipe, Carbonero,  Kairiballi, Kauston, Kauta, Kwepie, Marish, Marishballi, Marishiballi,  Pintadinho, Sapote, Sponshoedoe, Sponshout

UNIDENTIFIED :  Alauna (Guianas), Anaola (Guianas), Anaura, Anawa, Anawila, Inura (Surinam), Onikhiakhia (Surinam).
Guianas includ. any of Guyana, Surinam or French Guiana.

Licania macrophylla Klotzsch  ->  Licania laxiflora Fritsch.

Licania michauxii Prance
ENGLISH :  Gopher apple.

Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch
SYNONYM(S) :  Licania platypus Hemsl., Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Pittier, Moquilea platypus Hemsl.
ENGLISH :  Monkey apple (Belize), Sunsapote
SPANISH :  Cabeza de mico, Caca de niño (Mexico), Chaute jelobob, Chupa (Colombia), Sangre (Costa Rica, Panama), Sapote, Socotz, Sonza, Sonzapote, Sungano, Sunza, Sunzapote, Urraco (Guatemala, Honduras), Zapote amarillo, Zapote borracho (Mexico), Zapote cabello (Mexico), Zapote cabelludo, Zapote de urico, Zapote mechudo (Costa Rica), Zonsapote (Costa Rica), Zunza.

Licania pyrifolia Griseb.
SYNONYM(S) : Moquilea macrocarpa Pittier, Moquilea pyrifolia (Griseb.) R.O. Williams
FRENCH :  Licania à feuilles de poirier.
SPANISH :  Fruta larga (Venezuela), Merecure (Venezuela), Querebere.

Licania rigida (Benth.) Fritsch
SYNONYM(S) : Pleuragina umbrosissima Arr. Câmara.
PORTUGUESE : Oiticica (Brazil), Oiticica-verdadeira.

Licania ternatensis Hooker f. ex Duss.
FRENCH : Bois diable (French Guiana),  Bwa dyab (Creole-Martinique)), Bois gris (French Guiana), Bwa gri (Creole-Martinique).

Licania tomentosa (Benth.) Fritsch
SYNONYM(S) : Moquilea tomentosa Benth.
PORTUGUESE :  Ajuru (Brazil), Goiti, Guaili,  Iti-cagão, Licania (Brazil), Oiti, Oiti-da-praia (Brazil), Oiti-mirim, Oitizeiro.
SPANISH :  Icaquillo (Venezuela).

Licania turinoa Cham. & Schiecht.
SPANISH : Carapeirana del Brasil, Turinoa del Brasil.


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