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Linum arboreum L.

ENGLISH : Tree flax.

Linum austriacum L.

HUNGARIAN : Hegyi len.

Linum bienne Mill.

SYNONYM(S) : Linum angustifolium Huds., Linum hispanicum Mill., Linum usitatissimum L. subsp. angustifolium (Huds.) Thell.

ARABIC : Fîtâs (as L. angustifolium).

CHINESE : Zhai ye ya ma (as L. angustifolium).

ENGLISH : Pale flax, Pale-flowered flax.

FRENCH : Lin sauvage.

GERMAN : Wild-Lein, Wilder Lein.

ITALIAN : Lino salvatico, Lino di montagna.

SPANISH : Lino bravo.

TURKISH : Yabani keten.

Linum catharticum L.

ARABIC : Kattân el musahil.

CHINESE : xxxxxx ya ma.

ENGLISH : Cathartic flax, Fairy flax, Purging flax, White flax.

FRENCH : Lin purgatif.

GERMAN : Purgier-Lein, Purgierlein, Purgierflachs.

ITALIAN : Lino a foglie purgative.

TURKISH : Keten munki.

Linum dolomiticum Borb.

HUNGARIAN : Pilisszentiváni len.

Linum flavum L.

CHINESE : Jin huang ya ma.

ENGLISH : Golden flax, Yellow flax.

FRENCH : Lin jaune.

GERMAN : Gelber Lein.

HUNGARIAN : Sárga len.

Linum grandiflorum Desf.

SYNONYM(S) : Linum grandiflorum Desf. var. rubrum hort., Linum rubrum hort.

ARABIC : Kattân zuhûr.

CHINESE : Da hua ya ma.

ENGLISH : Flowering flax, Red flax, Scarlet flax.

FRENCH : Lin à grandes fleurs.

GERMAN : Leinblume.

ITALIAN : Lino d'Africa.

SPANISH : Lino de flor.

TURKISH : Keten çiç.

Linum hirsutum L.

CHINESE : Mao ya ma.

ENGLISH : Hairy flax.

Linum hirsutum L. subsp. glabrescens (Rochel) Soó

HUNGARIAN : Borzas len.

Linum lewisii Pursh

CHINESE : xxx xxx xxx ya ma.

ENGLISH : Blue flax, Lewis' flax, Prairie flax, Wild blue flax.

Linum narbonense L.

SPANISH : Lino azul.

Linum neomexicanum Greene

ENGLISH : New Mexico yellow flax.

Linum perenne L.

CHINESE : Su gen ya ma, Duo nian sheng ya ma.

ENGLISH : Perennial flax.

Linum perenne L. subsp. alpinum (Jacq.) Stoj. & Stef.

SYNONYM(S) : Linum alpinum Jacq., Linum julicum Hayek

CHINESE : Gao shan ya ma (as L. alpinum).

ENGLISH : Alpine flax (as L. alpinum).

FRENCH : Lin alpin (as L. alpinum).

GERMAN : Alpen-Lein (as L. alpinum).


Linum perenne L. subsp. perenne

ENGLISH : Blue flax, Perennial flax.

FRENCH : Lin vivace.

GERMAN : Ausdauernder Lein.

Linum rigidum Pursh

ENGLISH : Stiff-stem flax, Yellow flax.

Linum stelleroides Planch.

CHINESE : Ye ya ma.

ENGLISH : Wild flax.

Linum suffruticosum L.

SPANISH : Lino blanco.


Linum tenuifolium L.

CHINESE : Xi ye ya ma.

ENGLISH : Slim-leaved flax.

HUNGARIAN : Arlevelû len.

Linum usitatissimum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Linum crepitans (Boenn.) Dumort., Linum humile Mill., Linum usitatissimum L. var. humile (Mill.) Pers. , Linum usitatissimum L. subsp. transitorium Vavilov & Elladi

ARABIC : Kattân, Malsag.

CHINESE : Ya ma.

ENGLISH : Common flax, Flax, Flaxseed, Linseed, Linseed flax.

FRENCH : Lin, Lin commun, Lin oléagineux, Lin textile.

GERMAN : Echter Lein, Flachs, Gemeiner Flachs, Saatlein.

ITALIAN : Lino, Lino usuale, Lino comune, Lino mazzese.




TAMIL : Aliviraaii (Alivira).

TURKISH : Keten.


Photographs of Golden flaxseed & Brown flaxseed at North America Nutrition.

Linum usitatissimum L. (Brown-seeded Group)

SYNONYM(S) : Linum usitatissimum L. ( Edible-seeded Group), Linum usitatissimum L. ( Oil Group)

ENGLISH : Brown-seeded flax.


Photographs of Golden flaxseed & Brown flaxseed at North America Nutrition.

Linum usitatissimum L. (Yellow-seeded Group)

SYNONYM(S) : Linum usitatissimum L. ( Edible-oil Group).

ENGLISH : Gold-seeded flax, Golden flax, Golden flaxseed, Linola.


Photographs of Golden flaxseed & flower at Golden Flax 4U, Inc.


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