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Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :


Lotus angustissimus L.

GERMAN : Zierlicher Hornklee.

Lotus conimbricensis Brotero

GERMAN : Portugiesischer Hornklee.

Lotus corniculatus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. major (Scop.) Gams, Lotus corniculatus L. var. major (Scop.) Brand, Lotus major Scop.

CHINESE : Bai mai gen.

DANISH : Serradel.

DUTCH : Rolklaver, Gewone rolklaver, Tôchklaver.

ENGLISH : Bird's-foot trefoil, birdsfoot trefoil, Common birdsfoot-trefoil.

FINNISH : Keltamaite.

FRENCH : Lotier corniculé, Lotus corniculé, Lotus des prés, Pied de poule, Serradelle, Trèfle cornu.

GERMAN : Gewöhnlicher Hornklee, Hornklee, Hornschotenklee, Schotenklee (Switzerland).

HUNGARIAN : Szarvaskerep.

ITALIAN : Ginestrina, Ginestrino, Loto, Mullaghera.

JAPANESE : Miyako gusa.

NORWEGIAN : Tiriltunge.

POLISH : Komonica zwyczajna.

PORTUGUESE : Cornichão, Serradela.

SPANISH : Cuernecillo, Cuernecillo del campo, Loto de los prados, Serradella, Trébol a cuernitos, Trébol pata de pájaro.

SWEDISH : Käringgigel, Käringtand.


Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus

GERMAN : Gewöhnlicher Hornklee.

Most names attributed to the species apply to this subsp. and var. corniculatus.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. alpicola Beck von Mannagetta & Lerchenau

GERMAN : Berg-Hornklee.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. borealis xxxx

SWEDISH : Fjällkäringtand.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. corniculatus

GERMAN : Gewöhnlicher Hornklee.

SWEDISH : Vanlig käringtand.

Most names attributed to the species apply to this var.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. hirsutus W. D. J. Koch, nom. illeg.

GERMAN : Behaarter Hornklee.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. kochii Chrtkova-Zertova

GERMAN : Bewimperter Hornklee.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. corniculatus var. sativus N. Hylander

GERMAN : Saat-Hornklee.

SWEDISH : Foderkäringtand.

Lotus corniculatus L. subsp. tenuifolius (L.) xxxxx

SYNONYM(S) : Lotus tenuifolius (L.) H. G. L. Reichenbach, nom. illeg. , Lotus glaber P. Miller

Data needed.

Lotus hispidus DC.

GERMAN : Rauher Hornklee.

Lotus maculatus Breitfeld

SYNONYM(S) : Heinekenia maculata xxx

ENGLISH : Parrot-beak flower.

Lotus maritimus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Lotus siliquosus L., nom. illeg., Tetragonolobus maritimus (L.) A. W. Roth, Tetragonolobus siliquosus A. W. Roth

DANISH : Kantbaelg.

DUTCH : Hauwklaver.

ENGLISH : Asparagus trefoil, Square-podded bird's foot trefoil (USA).

FRENCH : Lotier cultivé, Lotier-pois, Lotier à gousse carrée.

ITALIAN : Ginestrino marittimo (as T. maritimus), Loto coltivato, Pisello asparagio, Veccia pisella (as T. maritimus).

GERMAN : Gelbe Spargelerbse, Spargelklee, Spargelschote.

SPANISH : Corona de rey, Loto silicuoso.

Lotus ornithopodioides L.

GERMAN : Vogelfußähnlicher Hornklee.

Lotus pedunculatus auct.

SWEDISH : Stor käringtand.

Lotus tenuis Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd.

CHINESE : Xi ye bai mai gen.

DUTCH : Smalle rolklaver, Smelle tôchklaver.

ENGLISH : Thin-leaved bird's-foot trefoil, Slender bird's-foot trefoil.

GERMAN : Schmalblättriger Hornklee.

SWEDISH : Smal käringtand.

Lotus tetragonolobus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Lotus palaestinus Boiss. , Tetragonolobus palaestinus Boiss. , Tetragonolobus purpureus Moench

ARABIC : Qaranbûsh, Assâbe' el 'arûs.

CHINESE : Chi jia wan dou.

DANISH : Kantbaelg.

DUTCH : Asperge-erwt, Rode hauwklaver.

ENGLISH : Asparagus-pea, Square podded pea, Winged lotus, Winged-pea.

FINNISH : Parsaherne.

FRENCH : Lotier cultivé, Lotier rouge, Pois asperge, Pois café.

GERMAN : Echte Spargelerbse, Flügelerbse, Garten Spargelerbse, Rote Spargelbohne, Rote Spargelerbse.

ITALIAN : Loto coltivato, Loto dei giardini, Loto rosso, Pisello caffe, Veccia pisella.

SPANISH : Bocha cultivada, Loto cultivado.

SWEDISH : Klöverärter, Sparrisärt.

TURKISH : Lufer çiç.


Image of flower & leaf.

Lotus uliginosus Schkuhr

SYNONYM(S) : Lotus pedunculatus Cav.

DANISH : Sump-kaellingetand.

DUTCH : Moerasrolklaver.

ENGLISH : Greater birdsfoot-trefoil.

FINNISH : Isomaite.

FRENCH : Lotier des marais, Lotier velu.

GERMAN : Sumpf-Hornklee, Sumpfschotenklee.

HUNGARIAN : Moscári kerep.

ITALIAN : Ginestrino palustre.

NORWEGIAN : Fórtiriltunge.

POLISH : Komonica blotna.

SPANISH : Loto de los pantanos.

SWEDISH : Stor käringgigel, Stor käringtand.


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