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Note on Luffa.

Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb.

SYNONYM(S) : Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. var. acutangula, Cucumis acutangulus L., Cucurbita acutangula (L.) Blume

ARABIC : Bamya seeny (?).

BENGALI :  Jhingey.

CHINESE : Guang dong si gua, Guang dong si gua, Yue si gua, Leng jiao si gua, Lin jiao si gua, Si gua (Guangdong), Si gua (Cantonese Sze kwa, See kua), Si gua (Taiwan), Sing kwa (?), Kak kuey (Hokkien - Singapore).

DANISH : Kantagurk.

ENGLISH : Angled loofah, Chinese okra, Ribbed loofah, Ribbed gourd, Silky gourd, Ridged gourd, Silk gourd.

FRENCH : Courge anguleuse de Chine, Papengaye (Mauritius), Papangay (Mauritius).

HINDI : Peerkankai, Jhinga torooee, Jhingli torai, Kali, Torai (Torooee), Turai, Hireballi.

JAPANESE : , Shokuyou hechima.

KANNADA :  Heeray kayi.

KHMER : Ronôông chrung.


MALAY : Ketola, Ketola sagi, Petola sagi, Petola Sanding, Hoyong (Indonesia), Oyong (Indonesia), Gambas (Java).

NEPALESE : Pate ghirola, Pate toriya.

ORIYA :  Kunduru.

PORTUGUESE : Lufa riscada.

SINHALESE :  Dara veta kola, Veta kola, Vata kolu, Wetakolu.

SPANISH : Calabaza de aristas.

TAGALOG : Patola, Patolang.

TAMIL : Pekan aki, Peerkan kai.

THAI : Buap, Buap liam (Boap liam), Manoi liam.

VIETNAMESE : (Murop kai), .

VISAYAN : Buyo buyo.


Photograph of fruits at ACCE$$ TO A$IA

Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. var. amara (Roxb.) C.B. Clarke

ENGLISH : Indian wild loofah .

FRENCH : Courge anguleuse sauvage de l'Inde.

Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. var. forskalii (Harms) Heiser & Schilling

ENGLISH : African wild loofah.

FRENCH : Courge anguleuse sauvage du Yemen.

Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.

SYNONYM(S) : Cucurbita luffa hort., Luffa cylindrica (L.) M.J. Roem, Luffa pentandra Roxb., Momordica cylindrica L., Momordica luffa L., Luffa aegyptiaca P. Miller


CHINESE : Si gua, Shui gua (Cantonese Shui kwa), Tian luo gua, Tian si gua.

DANISH : Luffa, Vegetabilsk svamp.

DUTCH : Loofah, Loefahspons, Plantaardige spons.

ENGLISH : Loofah, Smooth loofah, Rag gourd, Vegetable-sponge, Sponge gourd, Dishrag gourd, Dish-cloth gourd, Rag gourd

ESTONIAN : Ruljas käsnkõrvits.

FRENCH : Courge torchon, Luffa d'Egypte, Eponge végétale, Pétole (Mauritius), Courge cylindrique de Chine.

GERMAN : Schwammgurke, Schwammkürbis, Ägyptische Schwammkürbis.

HINDI : Mozhuku peerkankai, Jhinga, Dhundal, Turai, Meethi torai.

ITALIAN : Luffa, Luffa d'Egitto, Petola, Spugna vegetale.

JAPANESE : , Hechima.

KHMER : Ronôông muul.

LAOTIAN : Bwàp khôm.

MALAY : Ketola manis, Petola buntal, Petola manis, Blustru (Indonesia), Belustru (Indonesia).

NEPALESE : Palo, Ghiu toriya.

PORTUGUESE : Esponja-vegetal.

SINHALESE : Vatakolu.

SPANISH : Lufa, Esponja vegetal, Pepino para paste (El Salvador, Guatemala).


TAGALOG : Patola.

THAI : Buap hom (Boap hom, Buop horm), Buap klom.




Photograph of fruits at ACCE$$ TO A$IA.

Photograph of cracked dried fruit showing sponge inside by Barry Hammel at at W3TROPICOS

Luffa aegyptiaca Mill. var. leiocarpa (Naudin) Heiser & Schilling

ENGLISH : Burmese wild loofah .

FRENCH : Courge cylindrique sauvage de Burma.

Luffa cylindrica (L.) M.J. Roem. var. insularum Cogn.

Data needed (probably a synonym of Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.)

Luffa echinata Roxb.

NEPALESE : Chyunke van toriya.


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Contributors to this page (Personal communication) : Oscar Villalta.

NOTE : There is some considerable confusion between the two very distinct types of Luffa. This has led to a lot of mislabelling in catalogues, magazines, on market stalls and even in reference books. We have sorted some names (such as the Chinese - Cantonese "Si gua" and "Shui gua"), but in February 2000 we are not able to sort in particular the various names from India. We suspect that those listed above are derived from 4 or 5 Indian languages not just Hindi, and obviously they are all badly transliterated.





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