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Matricaria aurea (Loefl.) Sch. Bip.

SYNONYM(S) :   Chamomilla aurea (Loefl.) Gay ex Coss. & Kralik ,  Chamomilla aurea (L.) J. Gay ex Coss. & Kral., Lepidotheca aurea (L.) Kovalevsk., Matricaria aurea (L.) Sch. Bip.

PERSIAN :     Babunaj,   بابونه   Babune,  Babounij, Rabil.

SPANISH :  Manzanilla fina.

Matricaria discoidea DC.

SYNONYM(S) :  Artemisia matricarioides auct., Chamomilla discoidea (DC.) J.Gay ex A.Braun, Chamomilla suaveolens (Pursh) Rydb., Matricaria matricarioides auct., Matricaria matricaroides (Less.) Porter nom.illeg.,  Matricaria occidentalis Greene, Matricaria suaveolens (Pursh) Buchenau, Santolina suaveolens Pursh

DANISH :  Skive-kamille.

DUTCH :  Schijfkamille.

ENGLISH :  Disc mayweed, Pineapple weed, Rayless chamomile, Rounded chamomile.

FINNISH :  Pihasaunio.

FRENCH :  Matricaire discoïde.

GERMAN :  Strahlenlose Kamille,  Strahllose Kamille.

ITALIAN :  Camomilla falsa.

NORWEGIAN :  Tunbalderbrå.

SPANISH :  Manzanilla bastarda.

SWEDISH :   Gatkamill,  Gatkamomill.

Matricaria recutita L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Chamomilla officinalis C.Koch ,  Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert, Chrysanthemum chamomilla Bernh., Matricaria chamomilla L., Matricaria suaveolens auct. non L.

DANISH : Vellugtende kamille.

DUTCH : Echte kamille.

ENGLISH :  Blue chamomile, Chamomile , German chamomile, Hungarian chamomile , Scented chamomile, White chamomile , Wild chamomile.

FINNISH : Kamomillasaunio.

FRENCH : Camomille commune , Camomille d'Allemagne , Camomille vraie, Matricaire fausse camomille, Matricaire tronquée

GERMAN : Echte Kamille.

HINDI :   Babuna.

ITALIAN :  Amareggiola, Camomilla commune, Camomilla vulgare.

NORWEGIAN : Ettårig kamille, Kamille, Kamomilleblom.

PERSIAN :   Babunaj,    بابونه     Babune.

POLISH : Rumianek bezpromieniowy , Rumianek pospolity.

PORTUGUESE :  Camomila, Camomila da alemanha, Mançanilha, Manzanella, Margaça-das-boticas.

RUSSIAN :  Ромашка аптечная  Romashka aptechnaia (Romaška aptečnaja).

SANSKRIT :   Babuna,  Babunaj.

SPANISH :  Camomilla, Manzanilla, Manzanilla alemana, Manzanilla cimarrona (Argentina),  Manzanilla común, Manzanilla de Aragón, Manzanilla dulce, Manzanilla húngara, Manzanilla matricaria.

SWEDISH :  Äkta Kamomill, Blå kamomill, Söt kamomill, Tysk kamomill, Ungersk kamomilll.

URDU :  Babuna.

VIETNAMESE :    Dương cam cúc.


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