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Meconopsis argemonantha Prain

CHINESE : Bai hua lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : White-flowered meconopsis.

Meconopsis baileyii Prain & F.K.Ward -> Meconopsis betonicifolia Franch

Meconopsis betonicifolia Franch

SYNONYM(S) : Meconopsis baileyii Prain & F.K.Ward

CHINESE : xxx Huo xiang ye lü rong hao.

DANISH : Blå valmuesøster.

ENGLISH : Betony-leaved meconopsis, Himalayan blue poppy, Tibetan Blue Poppy.

FRENCH : Pavot bleu , Pavot à fleur bleue, Pavot d'Himalaya, Pavot bleu de l'Himalaya, Pavot de l'Himalaya.

GERMAN : Scheinmohn.

NORWEGIAN : Blå valmuesøster.

PORTUGUESE : Papoila-azul, Papoila-azul-dos-Himalaia, Papoula azul (Brazil).


Photograph by Jean Louis Taillefer.

Photograph of pale blue form / cultivar by Huguette V.

Meconopsis betonicifolia Franch 'Alba'

ENGLISH : White-flowered Tibetan blue poppy, White-flowered Tibetan poppy.

FRENCH : Pavot bleu 'Alba', Pavot de l'Himalaya à fleur blanche.


Photograph at Thompson & Morgan Seeds Co.


Meconopsis cambrica (L.) Vig.

CHINESE : Ou zhou lü rong hao.

DANISH : Gul skovvalmue.

DUTCH : Schijnpapaver.

ENGLISH : Welsh poppy.

FINNISH : Keltavaleunikko.

FRENCH : Pavot jaune, Pavot jaune des Pyrénées, Pavot du Pays de Galles.

GERMAN : Gelber Scheinmohn, Mohnling, Wald-Scheinmohn.

JAPANESE : Mekonopushisu kanburika.

NORWEGIAN : Gul valmuesøster, Valmuesøster.

Meconopsis cambrica (L.) Vig. 'Frances Perry'

FRENCH : Pavot orange, Pavot jaune.

Meconopsis forrestii Prain

CHINESE : xxx jiang lü rong hao (Hong Kong, Taiwan).

Meconopsis grandis Prain

CHINESE : Da hua lü rong hao.

DANISH : Storvalmuesøster.

FRENCH : Grand pavot bleu.

Meconopsis heterophylla Benth.

ENGLISH : Flaming poppy.

GERMAN : Mohnling, Mohngescht.

ITALIAN : Papavero cimbrico.

Meconopsis horridula Hook. f. & Thomson

SYNONYM(S) : Meconopsis horridula var. rudis Prain, Meconopsis prattii (Prain) Prain, Meconopsis racemosa Maxim., Meconopsis rudis (Prain) Prain, Meconopsis sinuata Prain var. prattii Prain

CHINESE : Duo ci lü rong hao, xxx zhuang lü rong hao (Hong Kong).

ENGLISH : Prickly blue poppy, Spiny meconopsis.

GERMAN : Stacheliger Scheinmohn.

Meconopsis integrifolia (Maxim.) Franch.

SYNONYM(S) : Cathcartia integrifolia Maxim. , Meconopsis pseudointegrifolia Prain

CHINESE : Quan yuan ye lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : Farrer's lampshade-poppy (USA), Yellow poppywort.


Meconopsis lancifolia (Franch.) Franch.

SYNONYM(S) : Cathcartia lancifolia Franch., Meconopsis lancifolia (Franch.) Franch. var. solitarifolia Fedde, Meconopsis lepida Prain

CHINESE : Chang ye lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : Long-leaved meconopsis.

Meconopsis napaulensis DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Meconopsis wallichii Hook. , Papaver paniculatum D. Don

CHINESE : Ni bo er lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : Satin poppy, Nepalese poppy.

NORWEGIAN : Valmuesøster.

NEPALESE : Awaiting feedback.

Meconopsis punicea Maxim.

CHINESE : Hong hua lü rong hao.

JAPANESE : Mekonopushisu punikea.

NORWEGIAN : Silkevalmuesøster.

Meconopsis regia G. Taylor

CHINESE : Ni bo er lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : Nepalese poppy.

NEPALESE : Awaiting feedback.


Meconopsis villosa (Hook. f. ex Hook.) G. Taylor

SYNONYM(S) : Cathcartia villosa Hook. f. ex Hook.

ENGLISH : Hilalayan woodland poppy.

Meconopsis x sheldonii G. Taylor

DANISH : Blå valmuesøster.

NORWEGIAN : Hybridvalmuesøster.

Meconopsis zangnanensis L. H. Zhou

CHINESE : Xiao ye lü rong hao.

ENGLISH : Small-leaved meconopsis.

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