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Melilotus albus Medik.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus alba Desr., Melilotus alba L., Melilotus alba Medik., Melilotus albus Medik. var. annuus H. S. Coe, Melilotus leucanthus W. D. J. Koch ex DC., Melilotus officinalis subsp. albus (Medik.) H. Ohashi & Tateishi

CHINESE : Bai hua cao mu xi.

DANISH : Hvid stenkløver.

DUTCH : Witte honingklaver.

ENGLISH : Bokhara-clover (Aust. N.Z.), Honey-clover, White melilot, White sweet-clover.

FINNISH : Valkomesikkä.

FRENCH : Mélilot blanc, Melilot blanc (Catalan).

GERMAN : Bokharaklee, Weißer Steinklee, Weisser Honigklee, Weisser Steinklee.

GREEK : Melilotos.

HUNGARIAN : Fehér somkóró.

ITALIAN : Meliloto bianco.

JAPANESE : Shirobana shinagawa hagi.

KOREAN : Heuin jeon dong ssa ri.

NORWEGIAN : Hvit steinkløver.

POLISH : Nostrzyk bialy.

PORTUGUESE : Meliloto-branco.

RUSSIAN : Donnik belyi.

SPANISH : Almengó blanc (Catalan), Hierba orejera, Melilot (Catalan), Meliloto, Meliloto blanco, mielcón, Mielga, Trébol de olor blanco (Argentina, Mexico), Trébol oloroso.

SWEDISH : Vit sötväppling.


Melilotus altissimus Thuill.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus altissima Thuill.

CHINESE : Huang xiang cao mu xi.

ENGLISH : Tall melilot, Tall yellow sweetclover.

FINNISH : Isomesikkä.

GERMAN : Hoher Steinklee.

JAPANESE : Seitaka kogome hagi.

SPANISH : Melilot altíssim (Catalan), Meliloto, Trébol oloroso.

SWEDISH : Stor sötväppling.

Melilotus dentata (Waldst. & Kit.) Pers.

CHINESE : Xi chi cao mu xi.

FINNISH : Rantamesikkä.

GERMAN : Salz-Steinklee.

SWEDISH : Strandsötväppling.


Melilotus elegans Salzm. Ex Ser.

PORTUGUESE : Coroa-de-rei, Meliloto, Trevo-de-cheiro.

SPANISH : Melilot elegant (Catalan), Meliloto.


Melilotus indicus (L.) All.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus indica (L.) All., Melilotus parviflora Desf.

CHINESE : Xiao hua cao mu xu, Ye mu xi, Yin du cao mu xi.

DANISH : Indisk stenkløver.

DUTCH : Indische honingklaver, Kleinbloemige honingklaver.

ENGLISH : Indian sweet-clover, King Island melilot (Aust., N.Z.), Small-flowered melilot , Small-flowered sweet clover, Small melilot, Sour-clover.

FINNISH : Intianmesikkä.

FRENCH : Mélilot à petites fleurs, Mélilot de l'Inde (Belgium), Mélilot des Indes (Morocco), Mélilot d'Inde (Switzerland).

GERMAN : Indische honigklee, Kleinblütiger Steinklee.

HINDI : Senji.

ITALIAN : Meliloto a fiore piccolo.

JAPANESE : Ko shinagawa hagi.

NORWEGIAN : Orientsteinkløver.

POLISH : Nostrzyk Indyjski.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe-menor, Trevo-de-cheiro, Trevo-de-namorado.

SPANISH : Carretón oloroso, Coroa-de-rei, Meligón, Melilot de flor petita (Catalan), Meliloto, Mielca borde, Trébol de olor (Argentina), Trébol femella (Catalan), Trébol oloroso, Trèvol d'olor (Catalan).

SWEDISH : Dvärgsötväppling.

Melilotus indicus (L.) All. var. indicus

Melilotus indicus (L.) All. var. tommasinii (Jord.) O. E. Schulz

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus tommasinii Jordan

Melilotus infestus Guss.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus infesta Guss.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe-de-cheiro .

SWEDISH : Åkersötväppling.


Melilotus italicus (L.) Lam.

CHINESE : Yi da li cao mu xi.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe-de-itália.

Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pall.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus arvensis Wallr., Melilotus bungeanus Boiss., Melilotus diffusus Gaud., Melilotus officinalis (L.) Desr., Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam., Melilotus petitpierranus (Hayne) Willd., Melilotus vulgaris Hill, Trifolium officinale L., Trifolium petitpierranum Hayne  

CHINESE : Cao mu xi, Huang xiang cao mu xi.

DANISH : Mark-stenkløver.

DUTCH : Akkerhoningklaver.

ENGLISH : Common yellow melilot, Field melilot, Medicinal sweet clover, Ribbed melilot, Yellow melilot, Yellow sweet-clover.

FINNISH : Rohtomesikkä.

FRENCH : Mélilot des champs (Algeria), Mélilot jaune, Mélilot officinal.

GERMAN : Echter Honigklee, Echter Steinklee, Gelber Steinklee, Gewöhnlicher Steinklee.

ITALIAN : Meliloto giallo, Meliloto odoroso.

JAPANESE : Seiyou ebira hagi.

KOREAN : Me li lo teu.

POLISH : Nostrzyk zólty.

PORTUGUESE : Trevo-cheiroso.

RUSSIAN : Donnik zheltyi.

SPANISH : Almegó (Catalan), Chupamel (gall.), Corona de rei (Catalan), Coronilla, Coronilla real, Hierba de los caminos, Melilot officinal (Catalan), Meliloto, Meliloto amarillo, Mielga, Trébol de olor, Trébol de olor amarillo (Argentina), Trébol de San Juan, Trébol oloroso (Mexico), Trébol real, Trèvol d'olor (Catalan), Trifoli olorós (Catalan).

SWEDISH : Sötväppling, Gul sötväppling.


Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam. var. micranthus O. E. Schulz.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus micranthus O. E. Schulz.

JAPANESE : Hishiba shinagawa hagi.

Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam. var. officinalis

JAPANESE : Seiyou ebira hagi.


Most names applied to the species Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pallas describe this variety.

Melilotus segetalis (Brot.) DC.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe, Anafe-maior.

SPANISH : Trébol de olor.

SWEDISH : Tät sötväppling.

Melilotus siculus (Turra) B. D. Jacks.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus messanensis (L.) All.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe-dos-salgados.

SPANISH : Melilot sicilià (Catalan).

SWEDISH : Marsksötväppling.


Melilotus spicatus (Sm.) Breistr.

SPANISH : Melilot napolità (Catalan).


Melilotus suaveolens Ledeb.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus dagestanicus auct., Melilotus graveolens Bunge, Melilotus suaveolens Pall.

ENGLISH : Daghestan sweet clover.

JAPANESE : Shinagawa hagi.

KOREAN : Jeon dong ssa ri.

RUSSIAN : Donnik dushistyi.

SWEDISH : Kinesisk sötväppling.


Melilotus sulcatus Desf.

SYNONYM(S) : Melilotus sulcata Desf.

FINNISH : Uurremesikkä.

PORTUGUESE : Anafe-sulcado, Trevo-de-seara.

SPANISH : Corona de olor, Melilot solcat (Catalan), Trébol real , Trèvol de ramellets (Catalan).

SWEDISH : Ribbsötväppling.




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