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Melothria dulcis Wunderlin

FRENCH :  Mélothrie douce, Mélothrie du Costa Rica.

Melothria mucronata Cogn.

FRENCH :  Mélothrie à feuilles mucronées.

NEPALESE :  Taariisokoto (Tarisokoto).


Possibly a synonym of Zehneria mucronata (Bume) Miq.

Melothria odorata Hook. f. & Thomson

FRENCH :  Mélothrie odorante.

Melothria pendula L.

CHINESE :   美 洲马瓜交儿   Mei zhou ma gua jiao er.

ENGLISH : Creeping cucumber, Drooping melonette, Guadeloupe cucumber, Squirting cucumber, Wild cucumber.

FRENCH : Melonettes, Mélothrie de la Guadeloupe, Mélothrie pendante.

SPANISH :  Meloncito, Pepinillo silvestre, Pepinito (Puerto Rico).

SWEDISH :  Hängmelotgurka.

Melothria pendula L. var. aspera Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) : Melothria microcarpa Shuttl., Melothria nashii Small

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Melothria pendula L. var. crassifolia (Small) Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) : Melothria crassifolia Small

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Melothria pendula L. var. pendula

SYNONYM(S) :  Bryonia guadalupensis Spreng., Melothria edulis Raf., Melothria fluminensis Gardn., Melothria guadalupensis (Spreng.) Cogn., Melothria nigra Raf.

FRENCH :  Mélothrie de la Guadeloupe.

Melothria punctata (Thunb.) Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) :  Bryonia punctata Thunb., Zehneria scabra (L.f.) Sond. subsp. scabra

Melothria scabra Naudin

老鼠冬瓜  Lǎo shǔ dōng guā老 鼠瓜 Lǎo shǔ guā

Creeping cucumber, Cucamelon, Guadeloupe cucumber, Mexican miniature watermelon, Mexican sour cucumber, Mexican sour gherkin, Mouse melon.

Concombre à confire, Concombre à confire du Mexique, Concombre du Mexique, Cornichon amer du Mexique, Mélothrie à confire, Pastèque miniature.

Cocktailgurke,  Haarweibchen, Mexikanische Minigurke, Mexikanische Ziergurke.

RUSSIAN :  Мелотрия шершавая  Melotriia shershavaia.

Melón ratón, Pepinillo agrio mexicano, Pepino amargo mexicano, Sandía miniatura mexicana.

SWEDISH : Djungelgurka.

VIETNAMESE :  Dưa chuột chua, Dưa hấu chuột, Dưa hấu nhỏ Mexico.

Melothria sphaerocarpa (Cogn.) H. Schaef. & S. S. Renner

SYNONYM(S) :  Cladosicyos edulis Hook. f., Cucumeropsis edulis (Hook. f.) Cogn., Cucumeropsis mannii Naudin, Posadaea sphaerocarpa Cogn.
ENGLISH :  Dark egusi  (as C. mannii), Egusi itoo  (as C. mannii), White-seeded melon (as C. mannii).

FRENCH :  Égousi (as C. mannii), Egousi itoo (as C. mannii - Nigeria), Gousi   (as C. mannii - Dahomey), Graines d'ouonde (edible seeds), Mélothrie africaine, Ouonde (Gabon).

PORTUGUESE :  Lipupu   (as C. mannii).

Melothria trilobata Cogn.

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Melothria uliginosa Cogn.

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