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Metroxylon amicarum (H. Wendl.) Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Coelococcus amicarum (H. Wendl.) W. Wight, Sagus amicarum H. Wendl.

CHINESE : A mei xi gu ye zi, Xi mi ye zi.

ENGLISH : Caroline ivory nut, Caroline ivory nut palm, Polynesian ivory nut palm, Polynesian ivory palm.

FRENCH : Palmier à ivoire de Polynésie.

Metroxylon rumphii Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Metroxylon sagu Rottb. ? Sagus rumphii Willd.

ARABIC : Sâgû (Egypt).

CHINESE : Ci xi mi ye zi.

ENGLISH : Spiny sago palm.

FRENCH : Sagoutier épineux.

ITALIAN : Sago di Borneo.


Considered by some authors as a synonym of Metroxylon sagu Rottb.

Metroxylon sagu Rottb.

SYNONYM(S) : Sagus inermis Roxb. , Sagus spinosus Roxb.

ARABIC : Nakhlat daqîq es sâgô (Egypt), Sâgû.

BURMESE : Thagu bin.

CHINESE : Xi mi zong, Xi gu ye zi.

ENGLISH : Sago palm, Smooth sago palm, True sago palm.

FRENCH : Sagoutier.

GERMAN : Sagopalme.


JAPANESE : Sago yashi, Sago yashi.

KHMER : Sa kuu.

MALAY : Pohon rumbia, Pohon sagu (Indonesia), Ambulung (Java), Kersulu (Java), Rumbia.

PORTUGUESE : Palmeira.

SPANISH : Palma de sago, Palma de sagú, Palma sagú, Palmera sago (Argentina).


TAGALOG : Lumbia.

THAI : Sa khu.



Considered by some authors as a synonym of Metroxylon rumphii (Willd.) Mart.


Photographs of foliage and leaves (close-up) at Thai Palms.


Metroxylon salomonense (Warb.) Becc.

ENGLISH : Hebe nut palm, Ivory-nut palm, Solomon's sago palm.


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