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Microcitrus australasica (F. Muell.) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus australasica F. Muell.

ENGLISH : Australian finger lime, Finger lime (Australia).

FRENCH : Lime digitée d'Australie.

GERMAN : Australische Limette ?

Types : Blood-red -skinned, Crimson-skinned, Black -skinned, Green-skinned , Green-pulped, Purple -skinned, Yellow -skinned, Yellow-pulped, Pink-pulped.

Microcitrus australasica (F. Muell.) Swingle var. sanguinea

ENGLISH : Red-pulped finger lime, Red pulp finger lime (Australia), Red-fleshed finger lime.

Microcitrus australis (Planchon) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus australis (A. Cunn. ex Mudie) Planch., Limonia australis A. Cunn. ex G. Don, nom. nudum

ENGLISH : Australian round lime, Round lime (Australia) , Gympie lime (Australia).

FRENCH : Lime ronde d'Australie.

OTHER : Dooja (unidentified language found in Australian literature)

Microcitrus garrawayae (F. M. Bailey) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus garrowayi F. M. Bailey, Microcitrus garrowayi (F. M. Bailey) Swingle

ENGLISH : Garraway's Australian wild lime, Garroway's Australian wild lime, Thick-skinned finger lime, Mt White lime (Australia) , Mount White lime (Australia).

Microcitrus inodora (Bailey) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus inodora F. M. Bailey

ENGLISH : Large leaf Australian wild lime , Russell River lime (Australia).

Microcitrus maideniana (Domin.) Swing.

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus inodora F. M. Bailey var. maideniana

ENGLISH : Maiden's Australian wild lime.

Microcitrus papuana Winters

SYNONYM(S) :  Citrus wintersii Mabb. 

ENGLISH : Papuan wild lime, Brown River finger lime.

Microcitrus virgata Swingle & Reece

SYNONYM(S) : Microcitrus australasica (F. Muell.) Swingle x Microcitrus australis (Planchon) Swingle

ENGLISH : Lemon-shaped Australian wild lime, Rofaustrime, Sydney hybrid wild lime (Australia).

Microcitrus warburgiana (F. M. Bailey) Tanaka

SYNONYM(S) :   Citrus warburgiana F. M. Bailey

ENGLISH : Papuan wild lime, New Guinea wild lime.

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