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Miscanthus x giganteus Sterile hybrids. Most cultivars used as commercial crops in Europe start with this name.

Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.) Warb. ex K. Schum. & Lauterb.

SYNONYM(S) : Miscanthus japonicus (Thunb.) Andersson , Saccharum japonicum Thunb., Saccharum floridulum Labill.

CHINESE : Wu jie mang.

ENGLISH : Giant Chinese silver grass, Giant miscanthus, Japanese silver grass, Pacific Island silvergrass.

FRENCH : Miscanthus du Japon.

Miscanthus nepalensis (Trin.) Hack.

SYNONYM(S) : Eulalia nepalensis Trin.

CHINESE : Ni bo er mang.

ENGLISH : Himalayan fairy grass, Nepal silver grass.

FRENCH : Miscanthus du Népal.

Miscanthus purpurascens Andersson

SYNONYM(S) : Miscanthus sinensis Andersson subsp. purpurascens (Anderss.) N. N. Tsvelev, Miscanthus sinensis Andersson var. purpurascens (Anderss.) Matsum., Miscanthus sinensis Andersson 'Purpurascens '

CHINESE : Zi mang.

ENGLISH : Purple flame grass, Purple Japanese silver grass, Purple silver grass.

FRENCH : Miscanthus pourpre de Chine, Miscanthus pourpre du Japon.


Photograph of autumn colours.

Another photograph of autumn colours.

Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Benth.

SYNONYM(S) : Imperata sacchariflora Maxim., Miscanthus saccharifer Benth., Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Hack.


ENGLISH : Amur silver grass (USA), Silver plume grass, Silver banner grass (Canada).

FRENCH : Miscanthus argenté.

Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Benth. 'Robustus'

ENGLISH : Giant silver banner grass (Canada).

Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Hack. f. purpurascens Y. N. Lee

FRENCH : Miscanthus pourpre d'Angleterre.

Miscanthus sinensis Andersson

SYNONYM(S) : Eulalia japonica Trin., Miscanthus sinensis f. glaber Honda , Miscanthus sinensis var. gracillimus Hitchc. , Miscanthus sinensis var. variegatus Beal , Miscanthus sinensis var. zebrinus Beal , Saccharum japonicum Thunb.


ENGLISH : Chinese silver grass, Maiden grass, Zebra grass.

FRENCH : Miscanthus de Chine.

GERMAN : Schilfgras.

Miscanthus sinensis Andersson subsp. purpurascens (Anderss.) N. N. Tsvelev -> Miscanthus purpurascens Andersson

Miscanthus sinensis Andersson var. purpurascens (Anderss.) Matsum. -> Miscanthus purpurascens Andersson

Miscanthus sinensis Andersson var. variegatus Beal

SYNONYM(S) : Miscanthus sinensis Andersson f. variegatus (Beal) A. A. Beetle

Possibly a synonym of Miscanthus sinensis Andersson

Miscanthus sinensis Andersson var. zebrinus Beal

SYNONYM(S) : Miscanthus sinensis Andersson f. zebrinus (Beal) A. A. Beetle

Possibly a synonym of Miscanthus sinensis Andersson

Miscanthus tinctorius (Sieb. ex Steud.) Hack.

SYNONYM(S) : Erianthus tinctorius Sieb. ex Steud., Saccharum tinctorium Steud.

CHINESE : Qing mao.

ENGLISH : Dyeing silver grass.

FRENCH : Miscanthus des teinturiers.

Miscanthus transmorrisonensis Hayata - Evergreen miscanthus, Miscanthus de Formose, Evergreen Maiden Grass, Golden zebra grass, Golden silvergrass.Taiwan maiden grass.

Beautiful photo at < >.

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