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Nastus borbonicus J. F. Gmelin (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa alpina Bory (OHRN), Bambusa arundinacea Humboldt & Bonpland (OHRN), Bambusa paniculata Willdenow, ined., ex Steudel (OHRN), Nastus paniculata Smith (OHRN)

ENGLISH : Reunion bamboo, Wet-forest bamboo.

FRENCH : Bamboo de la Réunion, Calumet (Reunion Island).


Photograph by Hugues Chan Ng Yok at La Flore Réunionnaise.

Nastus elatus Holttum (Masman,OHRN,PROSEA,W3TROPICOS) (not in GRIN, Xie, Tanaka)

ENGLISH : New Guinea clumping bamboo, Mingal bamboo (Papua New Guinea, Aust.).

MISCELLANEOUS : Mengagi, Mingal (Papua New Guinea).


Photograph and description at Bamboo world (go down the table to N. elatus and "Show Picture" button).

Photograph at Bamboo World.

Photograph by Hans Erken at Earthcare Enterprises.

Photograph at BambooDownUnder, Australia.


Nastus elegantissimus (Hassk.) Holttum (Masman,PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa elegantissima Hassk. (Masman,PROSEA), Schizostachyum elegantissimum Kurz (Masman,PROSEA)

ENGLISH : West Java clumping bamboo.

MALAY : Bambu eul-eul (Java, Indonesia).

SUNDANESE : Awi eul eul (West Java).


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