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Opuntia aurantiaca Lindl.

ENGLISH : Jointed prickly-pear (USA), Tiger-pear.

Opuntia cochenillifera

SYNONYM(S) : Awaiting feedback.

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

NORWEGIAN : Cochenillekaktus.

Opuntia dillenii (Ker-Gawl.) Haw.

CHINESE : Xian ren zhang.

ENGLISH : Cholla.

SPANISH : Cholla.


Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.

SYNONYM(S) : Cactus decumanus Willd., Cactus ficus-indica L., Cactus opuntia  L., Opuntia cordobensis Speg. , Opuntia decumana (Willd.) Haw., Opuntia ficus-barbarica A. Berger, Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. var. gymnocarpa (F. A. C. Weber) Speg. , Opuntia gymnocarpa F. A. C. Weber, Opuntia maxima Mill., Opuntia paraguayensis K. Schum. , Opuntia tuna-blanca  Speg. , Opuntia vulgaris Mill., Platyopuntia cordobensis  (Speg.) F.Ritter, Platyopuntia ficus-indica  (Mill.) F. Ritter

ARABIC : Handiyya (Morocco), Hindîr (Morocco), Kerma (Algeria), Kermus ennsara (Algeria).

CHINESE : Ci li, Xian tao.

DANISH : Indisk figen, Kaktusfigen.

DUTCH : Barbarijse vijgen, Bloedvijg, Cactusvijg, Schijfcactus, Woestijnvijg.

ENGLISH : Barbary-fig, Indian-fig, Indian-fig, Mission cactus,  Mission prickly-pear, Prickly-pear, Prickly-pear cactus, Smooth mountain prickly-pear, Smooth prickly-pear, Spineless cactus, Tuberous prickly-pear, Tuna cactus. 

FINNISH : Viikunaopuntia.

FRENCH : Chardon d'Inde, Figue de Barbarie, Figue de cactus, Figuier à raquettes, Figuier d'Inde, Figuier de Barbarie.

GERMAN : Feigenkaktus, Frucht des feigenkactus, Indianische feige, Kaktusfeige, Kaktusfeigen, Stachelfeigen.

GREEK :   Φραγκοσυκιά   Fragkosykia.

ITALIAN : Fico d'India, Opunzia.

JAPANESE : Opunchia.

NORWEGIAN : Fikenkaktus.

PORTUGUESE : Figo de cacto, Figos da India, Figo de pitoira, Figueira da Barbária, Figueira da India, Palmatoria sem espinhos, Tabaido.

RUSSIAN :  Самый обыкновенный  Samyi obyknovennyi,    Опунция индийская   Opuntsiia indiiskaia.

SPANISH : Cardón de México, Chumba, Chumbera (Spain), Chumbo, Chumbua, Fifuera de moro (Catalan), Higo chimbo, Higo chumbo, Higo de cactus, Higo de pala, Higo México, Higos chumbos (Spain), Higos de la India (Spain), Higuera, Higuera chumba, Higuera de pala, Nopal (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Perú ), Nopal de Castilla, Nopal pelón, Tuna (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Perú ), Tuna de España, Tuna de Castilla, Tuna española, Tuna mansa, Tuna real.


Opuntia humifusa (Raf.) Raf.

ENGLISH : Creeping-pear, Eastern prickly-pear, Low prickly-pear, Smooth prickly-pear.

Opuntia lagunae E. M. Baxter ex Bravo

ENGLISH : Prickly-pear, Nopal.

SPANISH : Nopal.

Opuntia maxima Mill.

CHINESE : Cheng huang xian ren zhang.


Considered by a number of authors as a synonym of Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.

Opuntia molesta Brandegee

SYNONYM(S) : Cylindropuntia molesta (Brandegee) F. M. Knuth

ENGLISH : Lavelina cactus.

SPANISH : Cholla, Clavellina.


Opuntia polyacantha Haw.

ENGLISH : Cliff prickly-pear, Grizzly-bear prickly-pear, Hairy prickly-pear, Hedgehog prickly-pear, Juniper prickly-pear, Nichol's prickly-pear, Plains prickly-pear, Porcupine prickly-pear, Red-spined prickly-pear, Starvation prickly-pear.

Opuntia puberula Pfeiff.

SPANISH : Nopal de culebra, Nopal de tortuga.

Opuntia robusta H. L. Wendl. ex Pfeiff.

ENGLISH : Wheel cactus.

FRENCH : Opunce robuste.

SPANISH : Camuesa, Joconoxtle, Nopal camuesa, Nopal camueso, Tuna bartolona, Tuna camuesa, Tuna colorada, Tuna tapona.

Opuntia spinulifera Salm-Dyck

SYNONYM(S) : Opuntia candelabriformis Mart.

SPANISH : Nopal ardilla, Nopal corriente, Tuna blanca.

Opuntia streptacantha Lem.

ENGLISH : Gracemere-pear (Aust.), Westwood-pear (Aust.).

SPANISH : Cardón, Cenizo, Chaveño, Nopal cardón, Nopal hartón, Tuna cardona.

Opuntia stricta (Haw.) Haw.

ENGLISH : Coastal prickly-pear, Erect prickly-pear, Southern spineless cactus (USA).

UNIDENTIFIED : Yaaxpakan (unidentified language of Mexico).

Opuntia tomentosa Salm-Dyck

ENGLISH : Velvet opuntia, Velvet tree-pear.

SPANISH : Nopal de San Gabriel.

Opuntia tuna (L.) Mill.

ARABIC :   التين الشوكي    .

ENGLISH : Tuna prickly pear.

FRENCH : Grosse raquette, Raquette, Raquette commune, Tuna.

SPANISH : Nopal montece, Tuna.





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