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Ornithopus compressus L.

ENGLISH : Yellow bird's foot, Yellow serradella.

FRENCH : Ornithope comprimé, Pied d'oiseau comprimé.

GERMAN : Flachhülsiger Vogelfuß, Gelber Vogelfuß.

ITALIAN : Uccellina comune.

JAPANESE : Kibana tsuno uma goyashi.

PORTUGUESE : Serradela-amarela , Serradela-brava.

SPANISH : Cornicabra, Pie de pájaro, Uña de gavilán , Uña de halcón , Uña de milano.


Ornithopus perpusillus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Ornithopus sativus Gren. & Godr.

DANISH : Liden fugleklo.

ENGLISH : Bird's foot, Bird's foot serradella, Common serradella.

FINNISH : Kääpiölinnunjalka.

FRENCH : Ornithope délicat, Pied d'oiseau, Pied d'oiseau délicat.

GERMAN : Kleiner Vogelfuß, Mäusewicke.

ITALIAN : Uccelina minore.

JAPANESE : Hime tsuno uma goyashi.

NORWEGIAN : Dvergserradella.

POLISH : Seradela drobna.

PORTUGUESE : Serradela-brava.

SPANISH : Pie de pájaro menor, Serradela-menuda, Serradilla.

SWEDISH : Dvärgserradella, Klovicker.


Ornithopus pinnatus (Mill.) Druce

SYNONYM(S) : Ornithopus ebracteatus Brot., Scorpiurus pinnatus Mill.

ENGLISH : Slender serradella.

FRENCH : Ornithope penné, Pied d'oiseau délicat.

PORTUGUESE : Serradela-delgada.

Ornithopus sativus Brot.

SYNONYM(S) : Coronilla serradilla Krause, Ornithopus intermedius (DC.) Lois., Ornithopus sativus Link.

DANISH : Serradel.

DUTCH : Serradella.

ENGLISH : French serradella, Pink serradella, Serradella.

FRENCH : Ornithope cultivé, Ornithope rose (Morocco), Sainfoin cultivé (Algeria), Seradelle.

GERMAN: Serradella.

HUNGARIAN : Szerradella.

ITALIAN : Serradella.

JAPANESE : Seradera, Tsuno uma goyashi.

NORWEGIAN : Serradella.

POLISH : Seradela pastewna, Seradela siewna.

PORTUGUESE : Serradela, Serradela-vermelha, Serradela-vulgar, Serradela-flor-rosa (Brazil).

RUSSIAN : Seradella, Seradella posevnaia.

SPANISH : Serradela.


Types : Hard-seeded, Soft-seeded.

Ornithopus sativus Brot. subsp. isthmocarpus (Coss.) Dostál

SYNONYM(S) : Ornithopus isthmocarpus Coss., Ornithopus sativus auct., non Brot.

ENGLISH : Moroccan serradella.

PORTUGUESE : Erva-da-casta, Serradela-de-bico-comprido , Serradela-de-garra.

Ornithopus sativus Brot. subsp. sativus

SYNONYM(S) : Ornithopus roseus Duf., Ornithopus sativus Brot. subsp. roseus (Duf.) Alsina,Ornithopus sativus Brot. subsp. roseus (Duf.) Dostál

PORTUGUESE : Serradela cultivada , Serradela-de-bico-curto.

Ornithopus sativus Brot. var. macrorrhynchus (Willk.) Alsina

SYNONYM(S) : Ornithopus macrorrhynchus (Willk.) Klink. & O. Schwarz, Ornithopus roseus Duf. var. macrorrhynchus Willk.






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