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Note on vernacular (common) names

Pachyrhizus ahipa (Wedd.) Parodi

SYNONYM(S) : Dolichos ahipa Wedd.

AYMARA : Huitoto, Villu.

ENGLISH : Andean yam bean, Yam bean, Manioc bean.

FRENCH : Dolique tubéreuse, Pois patate, Pois patate des Andes.

GERMAN: Andine Knollenbohne.


QUECHUAN : Ajipa, Asipa.

SPANISH : Ahipa (Englicised), Ajipa, Achipa (South America), Dabau (Ecuador), Fríjol chuncho (Bolivia, Peru), Judía batata, Poroto batata (Argentina).

TAGALOG : Sinkamas.


Types : White-fleshed, Bolivian striped-fleshed / Magenta-purple.

Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urb.

SYNONYM(S) : Dolichos bulbosus L., Dolichos erosus L., Pachyrhizus angulatus Rich. ex DC. nom. illeg. , Pachyrhizus bulbosus Kurz. nom. illeg., Pachyrrhizus bulbosus (L.) Kurz. , Cacara erosa Kuntze.

ASSAMESE : Sakalu.

BURMESE : Pre myit.

CHINESE : Sha ge (Cantonese sha got or sha kot), Dou shu, Liang shu (medicinal name) , Tu gua, Bai tu gua, Fan ge.

DANISH : Yamsbønne.

DUTCH : Bengkoewang, Hoewi iris, Hoewi hiris.

ENGLISH : Mexican yam bean, Yam bean, Chop-suey bean, Manioc bean, Three-lobed-leaved yam bean, Four-lobed-root yam bean.

FRENCH : Dolique bulbeuse, Pois patate, Pois manioc.

GERMAN: Yambohne, Yamsbohne, Knollige Bohne.

HINDI : Mishrikand.

ITALIAN : Fagiolo patata, Dolico bulboso.

JAPANESE : Mame imo ?

KHMER : Pe'kuëk.

LAOTIAN : Man ph'au.

MALAY : Bengkuang (Indonesia), Kacang sengkuang, Mengkuwang, Sengkuang , Sengkuwang, Besusu (Java).

NEPALESE : Keshaura.

PORTUGUESE : Jacatupé, Jacutupé, Jocotupé.

SPANISH : Jícama (Mexico), Judía batata, Jiquima.

SUNDANESE : Bangkowang (Bangkooang).

TAGALOG : Sinkamas, Singkamas, Iguama.

TAMIL : Tani uttan kai.

THAI : Mankaeo (Man kaeo), Huapaekua, Man lao.

TURKISH : Köklü böyrüce.

VIETNAMESE : Cur (u with ?)dau (â with dot under), San(â with inverted accent + '), Cu san.

VISAYAN : Kamias.


Photograph of Flower from Plants of Guam.


Types : Huwi hiris / small - sweet tubers (Java), Bangkowang / large tubers (Java), Nayarit / milky-sapped (Mexico), Guanajuato / watery-sapped (Mexico), Early, Late.

Pachyrhizus tuberosus (Lam.) Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Pachyrrhizus tuberosus (Lam.) Spreng., Dolichos tuberosus Lamarck.

CHINESE : Sha ge.

DANISH : Yamsbønne.

DUTCH : Hoewi iris, Bengkoewang.

ENGLISH : Yam bean, Manioc bean, Potato bean, Tuberous gram.

FRENCH : Dolique tubéreuse, Pois patate.

GERMAN: Yambohne, Knollenbohne, Knollige Bohne.

ITALIAN : Fagiolo patata.

JAPANESE : xxxx.

PORTUGUESE : Feijão-jacatupé, Jacatupé, Jacutupé, Jocotupé.

SPANISH : Jícama, Jiquima.

TAGALOG : Sinkamas.

TURKISH : At böyrüce.



Little linguistic distinction is made between Pachyrrhizus erosus and Pachyrrhizus tuberosus in almost any country. Most names applied to one could apply to the other although P. erosus is much more widely distributed around the globe. Therefore "new names" are called for.


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