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Pastinaca sativa L.

SYNONYM(S) :   Pastinaca divaricata Desf., Pastinaca opaca Bernh. ex Hornem, Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. opaca (Bernh. ex Hornem.) Nyman, Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. divaricata (Desf.) Rouy & E.G. Camus, Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. sylvestris (Mill.) Rouy & E.G. Camus, Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. urens (Req. ex Godr.) Celak., Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. umbrosa (Steven ex DC.) Bondar. ex O.N. Korovina, Pastinaca sativa L. var. pratensis Pers., Pastinaca umbrosa Steven ex DC., Pastinaca urens Req. ex Godr. in Gren. & Godr.

ENGLISH :  Wild parsnip.

FRENCH :  Panais sauvage.

GERMAN :  Brennender Pastinak (Switzerland), Wilder Pastinak (Switzerland).

GREEK :  Αγρια παστινάκη  Agria pastinaki, Kτηνοτροφική παστινάκη   Ktinotrofiki pastinaki.

ITALIAN :  Pastinaca selvatica (Switzerland), Pastinaca urticante (Switzerland).

RUSSIAN :  Пастернак дикий  Pasternak dikii,  Пастернак  Pasternak.

Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. sativa

SYNONYM(S) :  Pastinaca esculenta Salisb., nom. illeg., Pastinaca sativa L. var. edulis DC., Pastinaca sativa L. var. hortensis Ehrh. ex Hoffm., nom. nud.

CZECH :  Pastinák setý.

DANISH :   Almindelig pastinak.

DUTCH :  Pastinaak.

ENGLISH :  Parsnip.

FRENCH :  Grand chervis, Panais, Panais cultivé, Panet (Canada), Pastenade, Pastenaque (Swittzerland), Racine-blanche.

FINNISH :  Palsternakka.

GERMAN :  Echte Pastinake, Gemeiner Pastinak, Hammelmöhre, Moorwurzel, Pastinak.

GREEK :  Ελαφόβοσκο  ElafovoskoΕλαφόβοσκο το ήμερο   Elafovosko to  imero Παστινάκη   PastinakiΠαστινάκη εδώδιμος  Pastinaki edodimos,  Παστινάκη η εδώδιμος  Pastinaki i edodimos.

HINDI :  चुकन्दर की जड़  Cukandara kii jara,   गर्जरिका  Garjarikaa.

ITALIAN :  Pastinaca, Pastinaca comune.

NORWEGIAN :  Pastinakk.

POLISH :  Pasternak zwyczajny.

PORTUGUESE :  Cherovia, Cheruvia, Chirivia, Pastinaca, Pastinaga.

RUSSIAN :   Пастернак   Pasternak, Пастернак посевной   Pasternak posevnoi.

SPANISH :  Chirivía, Pastinaca.

SWEDISH :  Palsternacka.


As is often the case because the demarkation between the botanical names for cultivated and wild in modern taxonomy is unclear the common names are consequently a little mixed up. This is because all former names have been all included under the synonyms of  Pastinaca sativa. Strictly speaking Pastinaca sativa L. and its synonyms should stand for "wild parsnip" whilst  Pastinaca sativa L. subsp. sativa  and its synonym should be applied to the cultivated parsnip.


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