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Persea americana Mill.

SYNONYM(S) : Laurus persea L., Persea gratissima C.F. Gaertn., Persea leiogyna S.F. Blake, Persea persea (L.) Cockerell

See vernacular (common) names under var. americana

Persea americana Mill. var. americana

SYNONYM(S) : Persea gratissima C.F. Gaertn., Persea leiogyna S.F. Blake

ARABIC : Awaiting feedback.

BURMESE : Htaw bat.

CHINESE : You li, E li,   黃油梨  Huang you li酪梨   Lao li (Taiwan),  西印 度酪梨   Xi yin du lao li.

CROATIAN : Americhki avokado.

CZECH : Awaiting feedback.

DANISH : Avocado, Avogatpære.

DUTCH : Advocaat.

ENGLISH : Avocado, Avocado pear, Alligator pear, Butter pear, Trapp avocado, West-Indian avocado.

FINNISH : Avokado.

FRENCH : Avocat, Avocatier.

GERMAN: Alligatorbirne, Avocado, Avocadobaum, Avocadobirne, Avocato-Birne.

GREEK : Awaiting feedback.

HEBREW : Awaiting feedback.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.

HUNGARIAN : Avokádó.

ITALIAN : Avocato.

JAPANESE : Abokado, Perusea.

KHMER : 'avôkaa.

KOREAN : Ah bo k'a do .

MALAY : Adpukat (Indonesia), Avocad (Indonesia), Avokad (Indonesia), Buah apukado (Malaysia), Buah mantega (Malaysia), Buah apokat (Indonesia).

NEPALESE : Awaiting feedback.

NORWEGIAN : Avokado.

PORTUGUESE : Abacate, Abacateiro.

RUSSIAN : Avokado.

SPANISH : Aguacate, Cura, Cupandra, Devora (Nicaragua), Hayi (Honduras), Kulup (Nicaragua), Narimu (Honduras), Okh (Peru), Palta (Peru), Palto, Pultas (Peru), Sikia (Nicaragua), Zial (Honduras).

SWEDISH : Awaiting feedback.

TAGALOG : Abukado.

THAI : Awokhado.

TURKISH : Awaiting feedback.

URDU : Awaiting feedback.

VIETNAMESE : Bó, Lê daù.


Photographs of modern cultivars by Dr. Jonathan Crane at University of Florida - Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences - Center for Tropical Agriculture.  

Persea americana Mill. var. drymifolia (Schltdl. & Cham.) S.F. Blake

SYNONYM(S) : Persea drymifolia Schltdl. & Cham.

CHINESE : Mo xi ge e li,   墨西哥酪梨   Mo xi ge lao li  (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Mexican avocado.

FRENCH : Avocatier du Mexique.

Persea americana Mill. var. nubigena (L.O. Williams) L.E. Kopp

SYNONYM(S) : Persea nubigena L.O. Williams var. guatemalensis L.O. Williams, Persea nubigena L.O. Williams

CHINESE :   瓜 地马拉酪梨      Gua de ma la lao li,    危地马拉酪 梨  Gua de ma la lao li, 马拉酪 梨   Gua te ma la lao li .   

ENGLISH : Guatemalan avocado.

FRENCH : Avocatier du Guatemala.

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