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Physalis alkekengi L.

SYNONYM(S) : Alkekengi officinarum Monsch., Physalis alkekengi L. var. orientalis (Pamp., Physalis francheti hort., Physalis kansuensis Pojark.

ARABIC : Kâkang, Karaz el quds.

CHINESE : Suan jiang, Deng long cao.

DANISH : Blaerebaeger, Joedekirsebaer.

DUTCH : Blaaskersen (Trans. from German), Chineesche lampionbloem (old name), Chinese lampionplant, Jodenkers, Lampionplant.

ENGLISH : Bladder cherry, Chinese lantern, Ground cherry, Winter cherry.

FINNISH : Juutalaiskirsikka, Lyhtykukka.

FRENCH : Alkékenge, Cerise en chemise, Coqueret commun, Cerise des Juifs.

GERMAN : Blasenkirsche, Deutsche Schlutte, Judenkirsche, Lampionblume, Lampionpflanze, Lanternenpflanze.

ITALIAN : Alcachengi, Alchechengi, Chinchigero, Fisalia, Palloncino, Solatro alcachengi, Vescicaria alcachengi.

NORWEGIAN : Jødekirsebær.

PORTUGUESE : Alquequenje, Erva-noiva.

SPANISH : Alicabi, Alquejenje, Alquequenje, Capulí, Farolillo, Farolito, Halícabalo, Solano Vejigoso, Tomatillo Inglés, Tomate de culebra, Vejiga de Perro.

SWEDISH : Japansk lykta.

TURKISH : Fener çiç, Gelin otu, Kakenc.

Physalis alkekengi L. var. francheti (Mast.) Makino

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis francheti Mast., Physalis glabripes Pojark., Physalis francheti hort. var. bunyardii Makino, Physalis francheti Mast. var. bunyardii Makino, Physalis praetermissa Pojark.

CHINESE : Gua jin deng, Jin deng long, Pao pao cao, Tian deng long, Tian pao, Jin den long (Medicinal name), Ku niang ts'ai (Cantonese).

DUTCH : Chineesche lampionplant.

FRENCH : Alkékenge du Japon.

GERMAN : Japanische Schlutte, Lampionpflanze, Lanternenpflanze.

JAPANESE : Hôzuki.

NORWEGIAN : Japanlykt.

Physalis angulata L.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis esquirolii Lévl. & Vant., Physalis minima L., Physalis pubescens auct. non L.

CHINESE : Ku xxx, Deng long cao, Deng long pao.

DUTCH : Klap.

ENGLISH : Cut-leaved ground cherry, Tooth-leaved bladder cherry, Tooth-leaved winter cherry,

FRENCH : Petit poc poc (Africa).


TAGALOG : Putokan, Tutulaka.

VISAYAN : Asisiyu .


See note regarding synonymy.

Physalis angulata L. var. villosa Bonati

CHINESE : Mao ku xxx.

Physalis cordata Mill.


Physalis divaricata D. Don


NEPALESE : Golbhende jhar, Phoptek.

Physalis gracilis Miers


Physalis grisea (Waterfall) M. Martinez

DUTCH : Aardbeitomaat, Kleine kaapse kruisbes, Lampiontomaat.

ENGLISH : Dwarf cape gooseberry, Downy ground cherry.

GERMAN : Erdbeertomate, Erdkirsche.

Physalis hirsuta Dunal


Physalis ignota Britton


Physalis ixocarpa Brot.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis aequata Jacq.

ENGLISH : Green Mexican tomatillo, Husked tomato, Jamberry, Mayan husked tomato, Mexican husk tomato, Mexican ground cherry.

FRENCH : Alkékenge du Mexique.

SPANISH : Tomate de cáscara, Tomate de culebra, Tomate de fresadilla, Tomate Mexicano, Tomate verde, Tomatillo.

Physalis lagascae Roem. & Schult.


Physalis minima L.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis parviflora R. Br., Physalis pubescens Wight non L.

CHINESE : Xiao suan jiang.

ENGLISH : Sunberry.

FRENCH : Coqueret à petit fruit, Coqueret médicinal.

MALAY : Letup, Letup-letup, Rumput meranti.

Physalis minuta Griggs


Physalis nicandroides Schltdl.


Physalis peruviana L.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis edulis Sims, Physalis esculenta Salisbury

ARABIC : Hhabwah, Hhashîsh sakrân.

CHINESE : Deng long cao, Deng long guo, Suan jiang cao, Xiao guo suan jiang.

DANISH : Ananaskirsebaer, Kapstikkelsbaer.

DUTCH : Ananaskers, Goudbes, Kaapsche kruisbes, Kaapse kruisbes, Lampion, Peruaansche ananaskers (old name), Peruviaanse aardkers.

ENGLISH : Goldenberry, Goldenberry, Ground cherry, Horse tomato (Nepal), Peruvian cherry, Peruvian groundcherry.

FINNISH : Ananaskirsikka, Kapinmarja, Kapinkarviainen, Karviaiskoiso.

FRENCH : Alkékange jaune doux, Alkékange du Pérou, Coqueret comestible, Coqueret du Pérou, Coquerelle, Groseille du Cap, Poc poc (Middle-East).

GERMAN : Ananaskirsche, Capische stachelberre, Essbare Judaskirsche, Judenkirsche, Kap-Stachelbeere, Kapstachelbeere, Peruanische Schlutte.

ITALIAN : Alchechenge giallo, Alchechengi giallo, Alchechenge grosso commestible, Capulé, Fisalis, Vescicaria.

JAPANESE : Ke hôzuki.

NEPALESE : Ishmagol, Jangalii mevaa (Jangali meva), Rasabarii (Rasbari).

PORTUGUESE : Alquequenje amarelo, Groselha do Perú (Brazil), Herva noiva do Perú (Brazil), Tomateiro inglês, Tomatinho-de-capucho.

QUECHUA : Topotopo.

SINHALESE : Thol thakkali.

SPANISH : Aguaymanto (Peru), Alquequenje amarillo, Alchechengi del Perú, Amor en bolsa, Cereza del Perú, Chuchuva (Venezuela), Guchavo (Colombia), Motojobobo embolsado, Uchuba (Peru), Vejigón (Colombia), Yuyo de ojas.

TAGALOG : Lobo lobohan.

TURKISH : Sarhosh otu.

Physalis peruviana L. ' Macrocarpa'

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis macrocarpa xxx

CHINESE : Da guo suan jiang.

ENGLISH : Cultivated Cape gooseberry, Giant groundcherry, Golden Nugget Cape gooseberry, Large-fruited goldenberry.

FRENCH : Alkékenge à large fruit, Alkékenge du Pérou à large fruit.

Physalis pruinosa L.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis cordifolia Dunal., Physalis maxima Mill.

ENGLISH : Ground cherry, Husk tomato, Strawberry tomato.

Physalis pubescens L.

SYNONYM(S) : Physalis angulata L. nom illeg. see note

CHINESE : Mao suan jiang.

ENGLISH : Cape gooseberry, Husk tomato, Pubescent ground cherry.

FINNISH : Lyhtykukka.

FRENCH : Coqueret.

GERMAN : xxx Awaiting feedback.

ITALIAN : Alchechengio pubescente.

JAPANESE : Shokuyô hôzuki.

POLISH : Miechunka omszona.

SPANISH : Tomate verde (Mexico).

SWEDISH : Jude körsbär.



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Some doubts remain about the synonymy between P. minima L., P. pubescens auct. non L., P. angulata L. Two different species have been called P. pubescens by several different authorities, probably the same is true of P. minima. There is also doubt about the legitimate status of P. angulata.


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