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Phytelephas aequatorialis Spruce

SYNONYM(S) : Palandra aequatorialis (Spruce) O. F. Cook

CHINESE :  象牙椰 Xiàng yá yē象牙果  Xiàng yá guǒ (fruit / nut).

ENGLISH : Corozo nut, Ecuador ivory palm, Ecuadorean ivory palm, Ivory palm, Ivory nut palm, Jarina seeds, Tagua  nuts, Tagua palm, Tagua-nut palm, Vegetable ivory.

FRENCH :  Ivoire végétal, Palmier à ivoire.

GERMAN :  Elfenbeinpalmen.

JAPANESE :  エクアドル・アイボリー・パーム  Ekuadoru aiborī pāmu, フィテレファス・アエク アトリアリス Fiterefasu aekuatoriarisu,   野菜の象牙 Yasai no zouge,  椰子の象牙 Yashi no zouge.

PORTUGUESE :  Jarina, Marfim-vegetal, Pau-marfim, Tagua.

RUSSIAN :  Фителефас экваториальный  Fitelefas ekvatorial'nyj.

SPANISH :  Corozo, Jarina (Brazil), Tagua.

TELUGU :  దంతపు తాటి  Dantapu tāṭi,  ఫైటెలిఫాస్  Phaiṭeliphās.

Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz. & Pav.

CHINESE :  大 果象牙椰  Dà guǒ xiàng yá yē,   象牙棕  Xiàng yá zōng.

ENGLISH :  Ivory nut palm, Ivory palm, Large-fruited ivory palm, Vegetable ivory (product).

FRENCH : Ivoire végétal (product), Palmier à ivoire, Palmier à ivoire à stipe rampant.

GERMAN :  Elfenbein-Palme, Elfenbeinpalmen, Steinnuß-Palme, Steinnusspalmen.

JAPANESE :  アイボリーナッツ  Aiborī nattsu,  オオミゾウゲヤシ   Oomi zouge yashi, オオミ 象牙椰子  Oomi zōge yashi,  大実象牙椰子 Oomi zōge yashi,  タグアナッツ Tagua nattsu,  象牙椰子  Zōge yashi.

NORWEGIAN : Elfenbenspalme.

PORTUGUESE :  Jarina (Brazil), Marfim-vegetal (Brazil), Polupunto (Brazil).

RUSSIAN :  Фителефас крупноплодный  Fitelefas krupnoplodnyj.

SPANISH :  Cadi (Ecuador), Homero (Peru), Humiro (Peru), Marfil (Bolivia), Marfil vegetal, Palma de marfil, Polo punta (Peru), Tagua, Yarina (Peru).

SWEDISH :  Elfenbenspalm.

TELUGU :  పెద్ద సీడ్ ఫైటెలిఫాస్  Pedda sīḍ phaiṭeliphās.


Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz. & Pav. subsp. macrocarpa

SYNONYM(S) :   Elephantusia macrocarpa (Ruiz. & Pav.) Willd.,  Phytelephas karstenii O. F. Cook

SPANISH : Homero, Marfil vegetal (product).

Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz. & Pav. subsp. schottii (H. Wendl.) Barfod

SYNONYM(S) :  Phytelephas schottii H. Wendl.

ENGLISH : Colombian ivory palm.

JAPANESE :  フィテレファス・ショッティー  Fiterefasu shottii ,  コロンビア・アイボリー・パーム  Koronbia aiborī pāmu.

SPANISH :  Cabecinegro (Colombia).

Phytelephas microcarpa Ruiz & Pav.

Strange as it may seem this is a synonym of  Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz. & Pav. subsp. macrocarpa

Phytelephas seemannii O. F. Cook 

Фителефас Зеемана  Fitelefas Zeemana.

Antá  (Colombia, Panama), Tagua.

Phytelephas tenuicaulis (Barfod) A. J. Hend.

SYNONYM(S) :  Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz. & Pav. subsp. tenuicaulis Barfod

SPANISH :  Yarina (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)

Phytelephas tumacana O. F. Cook

Фителефас тумакоский  Fitelefas tumakoskij.

トゥマコ象牙椰子  Tumako zōgeyashi.

SPANISH :  Phytelephas de Nariño


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