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Plectocomiopsis corneri Furtado

CHINESE : Kao nai ni gou ye teng.


Plectocomiopsis dubius Becc.

CHINESE : Ke yi ni gou ye teng.

Plectocomiopsis geminiflorus (Griff.) Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Calamus geminiflorus Griff. , Plectocomiopsis geminiflora (Griff.) Becc.

CHINESE : Er hua ni gou ye teng.

MALAY : Ambalua (Sabah), Ialis, Rotan pa, Rotan rilang, Rotan rua (Indonesia), Rotan sotong (Sumatra), Wi labeh (Sarawak).

THAI : Waai kung nam pharai.

Plectocomiopsis wrayi Becc.

CHINESE : Wo rui shi ni gou ye teng.

ENGLISH : xxxx Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Rotan pepe.


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