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Posoqueria coriacea M. Martens & Galeotti

ENGLISH :  Thickleaf posoqueria, Thick-leaved posoqueria, Tough posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria à feuilles coriaces, Posoquéria coriace.

SPANISH :  Emquinenhue (Ecuador).

Posoqueria grandiflora Standl.

ENGLISH :  Large-flowered posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria à grandes fleurs.

Posoqueria latifolia (Rudge) Roem. & Schult.

ENGLISH :  Broadleaf posoqueria, Brazilian oak, Monkey apple, Moskitowood (Panama), Mosquitowood, Needle flower tree, Perfume tree, Tree jasmine, Wild coffee (Panama).

FRENCH :  Posoquéria à feuilles larges.

SPANISH :  Boca vieja (Panama), Boca de vieja (Costa Rica, Panama), Borajo (Panama), Borojó (Costa Rica), Borojocito del monte (Panama), Cachito (Honduras), Coco de mono, Fruta de mono (Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama), Fruta de murciélago (Panama), Fruta la vieja (Colombia), Guayaba de mico (Costa Rica), Guayaba de mono, Guyaba mica (Costa Rica), Huevo de mono (Panama), Jicarillo (Nicaragua), Manzana de mico, Narciso de monte (Colombia), Picarito, Tuliviejo, Yazmin de arbol (Colombia), Yema de huevo (Honduras).

Posoqueria latifolia (Rudge) Schult. subsp. gracilis (Rudge) Steyerm.

SYNONYM(S) :  Posoqueria gracilis (Rudge) Schult., Solena gracilis Rudge, Tocoyena gracilis (Rudge) A.Rich.

ENGLISH :  Graceful posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria élégant.

Posoqueria latifolia (Rudge) Schult. subsp. latifolia

SYNONYM(S) :  Posoqueria decora DC.,  Posoqueria macrophylla (Kunth) Hemsl., Posoqueria multiflora Lem., Posoqueria trifida Poepp., Solena decora (DC.) D. Dietr., Solena latifolia Rudge, Tocoyena latifolia (Rudge) Lam., Tocoyena longifolia KunthTocoyena macrophylla Kunth

RUSSIAN :  Солена декора  Solena dekora,  Солена широколистная Solena shirokolistnaya.

Posoqueria longiflora Aubl.

SYNONYM(S) :  Solena longiflora (Aubl.) Willd.

ENGLISH :  Long-flowered posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria à fleurs longues.

SPANISH :  Jazmin del embarcadero (Colombia).

Posoqueria maxima Standl.

SYNONYM(S) :  Posoqueria coriacea M. Martens & Galeotti subsp. maxima (Standl.) Steyerm.

ENGLISH :  Greatest posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria grandissime.

Posoqueria panamensis (Walp. & Duchass.) Walp.

SYNONYM(S) :  Stannia panamensis Walp. & Duchass.

ENGLISH :  Panama posoqueria.

FRENCH :  Posoquéria du Panama.

SPANISH :  Tomatillo (Ecuador).


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