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Pouteria bullata (S. Moore) Baehni

Lucuma bullata S. Moore, Pouteria costata Dubard, Pouteria pellita Baehni

PORTUGUESE :  Abiurana.

Pouteria caimito (Ruiz & Pav.) Radlk.

Achras caimito Ruiz & Pav. , Lucuma caimito (Ruiz & Pav.) Roem. & Schult., Pouteria leucophaea Baehni, Pouteria temare Aubr.

ENGLISH :  Abiu, Caimo, Egg fruit.

JAPANESE :   アビウ Abiu.

PORTUGUESE :  Abi (Brazil), Abieiro, Abiu, Abiurana (Amazonia), Camiteiro.

SPANISH :  Caimito (Ecuador), Caimo (Colombia), Cauje, Maduraverde.

Pouteria campechiana (Kunth) Baehni

Lucuma campechiana Kunth , Lucuma heyderi Standl.,   Lucuma laeteviridis Pittier,  Lucuma multiflora Millsp.,  Lucuma nervosa A. DC. , Lucuma palmeri Fernald, Lucuma rivicoa Gaertn.,  Lucuma rivicoa Gaertn. var. angustifolia Miq. ,  Lucuma salicifolia Kunth , Richardella nervosa (A. DC.) Pierre,  Richardella salicifolia (Kunth) Pierre, Sideroxylon campestre T.S. Brandeg.,  Vitellaria campechiana Engl., Vitellaria nervosa (DC.) Radlk., Vitellaria salicifolia Engl.

CZECH :  Sapota žlutá.

ENGLISH :  Canistel, Eggfruit, Eggfruit tree, Eggfruit, Lucuma, Nervosa, Yellow sapote, Yiessas.

GERMAN :  Gelbe Sapote.

JAPANESE :  カニステル  Kanisuteru.

SPANISH :  Atzapotl (fruit), Atzapolquahuitl (tree), Caca de niño, Cakixo, Canistel, Canizte, Costiczapotl, Cucumu, Custiczapotl, Fruta de huevo (Colombia), Hantzé, Huevo vegetal (Puerto Rico, Venezuela), Huicon, Huicumo, Kanis, Kaniste, Kanixte, Kanizte (Belize), Kantez, Limoncillo, Mamey cerera, Mamey cerilla, Mamee ciruela,  Mamey de Campechi, Mamey de Cartagena,  Mammee sapota, Palo huicon, Sapote amarillo, Siguapa, Zapote amarilla, Zapote amarillo (Colombia, Nicaragua), Zapote de niño, Zapote borracho, Zapote mante, Zubul (Mexico); guaicume, guicume, Zapotillo (Costa Rica), Zapotillo amarillo (El Salvador), Zapotillo de montana (Guatemala)

TAGALOG :  Boracho, Tiesa, Toesa.

THAI :  ละมุด (Lamood) Lamud, ละมุดเขมร (Lamut Kaymon), ละมุดเขมร (Lamut khamen), ละมุดสวรรค์.

VIETNAMESE :  Trái trứng gà.

Pouteria dominigensis (C. F. Gaertn.) Baehni 

Pouteria dominigensis (C. F. Gaertn.) Baehni subsp. dominigensis

SPANISH :  Totuma (Dominican Republic).

Pouteria glomerata (Miq.) Radlk.

SPANISH :   Zapote blanco.

Pouteria glomerata (Miq.) Radlk. subsp. glomerata

Lucuma glomerata Miq., Lucuma hypoglauca Standl. ,  Pouteria hypoglauca (Standl.) Baehni

ENGL:ISH :  Cinnamon apple (as P. hypoglauca).

SPANISH :  Pan de vida (as P. hypoglauca, Mexico, El Salvador), Zapote blanco.

Pouteria glomerata (Miq.) Radlk. subsp. stylosa (Pierre) T. D. Penn.

Guapeba stylosa Pierre,  Labatia standleyana (Pittier) Pittier ,  Lucuma standleyana Pittier

Pouteria lucuma (Ruiz & Pav.) Kuntze

Achras lucuma Ruiz & Pav. ,  Lucuma obovata Kunth

SPANISH :  Lúcuma, Lúcumo, Lucmo.

Pouteria macrocarpa (Mart.) D. Dietr.

Labatia macrocarpa Mart.

PORTUGUESE :  Cutite grande (Brazil).

SPANISH :  Níspero montañero, Purguillo negro (Venezuela).

There is some confusion between Pouteria macrocarpa (Mart.) D. Dietr. and  Pouteria macrocarpa (Huber) Ducke. As a consequence it is difficult to match the common names to any of those species.

Pouteria macrophylla (Lam.) Eyma

SYNONYM(S) :  Chrysophyllum macrophyllum Lam., non Mart. Chrysophyllum macrophyllum Lam., non Sabine, Lucuma rivicoa Gaertn.f., Pouteria rivicoa Ducke

PORTUGUESE :  Cutiti (Brazil), Cutitiribá (Brazil), Tuturubá (Brazil).

SPANISH :  Caimo, Cutité, riba.

Pouteria multiflora (A. DC.) Eyma

Lucuma dussiana Pierre,  Lucuma macrocarpa Huber, Lucuma multiflora A. DC., Pouteria dussiana (Pierre) Stehlé , Pouteria macrocarpa (Huber) Ducke, Pouteria macrocarpa (Huber) Baehni

ENGLISH :  Broadleaved lucuma, Bully tree, Chocky apple.

PORTUGUESE :  Cutite grande (Brazil).

SPANISH :  Caimitillo (Peru), Caimito (Ecuador), Cutite grande, Cutité grande, Cutiti grande, Jácana (Puerto Rico), Níspero montañero, Purguillo negro (Venezuela).

There is some confusion between Pouteria macrocarpa (Mart.) D. Dietr. and  Pouteria macrocarpa (Huber) Ducke. As a consequence it is difficult to match the common names to any of those species.

Pouteria obovata (R. Br.) Baehni

SPANISH :  Lúcumo
(Ecuador, Chile).

Pouteria pariry (Ducke) Baehni

Lucuma pariry Ducke


SPANISH : Pariri.

Pouteria ramiflora (Mart.) Radlk.

SYNONYM(S) :   Labatia ramiflora Mart.

ENGLISH :  Brazilian Redwood

PORTUGUESE :  Macaranduba.

Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) H. E. Moore & Stearn

SYNONYM(S) :  Calocarpum mammosum (L.) Pierre , Calocarpum sapota (Jacq.) Merr., Lucuma mammosa (L.) Gaertn.f., Pouteria mammosa (L.) Cronquist,   Sapota mammosa Mill. ,  Sideroxylon sapota Jacq.,  Vitellaria mammosa (L.) Radlk.

ARABIC :    بوتيريا سابوتا .

ENGLISH :  Mammee sapote,  Marmalade plum, Sapote.

FRENCH :  Sapotier a gros fruit.

GERMAN :  Große Sapote, Marmeladen-Pflaume.

HINDI :  पोउटेरिया सेपोटा .

JAPANESE :    マ ミーサポテ  Mamii sapote.

SPANISH :   Mamey (Panama), Mamey zapote (Mexico, Panama), Mamey sapote, Mamey colorado (Cuba, Ecuador), Zapote (Venezuela).

Pouteria torta (Mart.) Radlk.

SYNONYM(S) :   Labatia torta Mart.

SPANISH :  Curiola.

Pouteria ucuqui Pires & R. E. Schult.

SPANISH :  Ucuqui.

Pouteria viridis (Pittier) Cronquist

Achradelpha viridis (Pittier) O. F. Cook, Calocarpum viride Pittier

CZECH :  Sapota zalená.

ENGLISH :  Green sapote.

SPANISH :  Injerto.

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