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Pritchardia affinis Becc.

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong * , Bu shi lü.

ENGLISH : Kona palm, Loulu (Hawaii).


Pritchardia gaudichaudii (Mart.) H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Livistona gaudichaudii Mart., Styloma gaudichaudii (Mart.) O. F. Cook

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Pritchardia's fan palm *.

Pritchardia martii (Gaudich.) H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Livistona martii Gaudich., Pritchardia martioides Rock & Caum, Styloma martii (Gaudich.) O. F. Cook

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Loulu Hiwa palm (Hawaii), Pritchardia's fan palm *.

Pritchardia munroi Rock

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Loulu palm, Kamakou loulu (Hawaii), Pritchardia's fan palm *.

Pritchardia pacifica Seem. & H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Styloma pacifica (Seem. & H. Wendl.) O. F. Cook

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Fiji fan palm.

MALAY : Palma kipas Fiji.

THAI : .

Pritchardia remota (Kuntze) Becc.

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Pritchardia's fan palm *.

Pritchardia viscosa Rock

CHINESE : Bo li cha de zong *.

ENGLISH : Hawaii fan palm, Loulu (Hawaii).


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on Chinese & English names


Chinese taxonomists appear not to have stabilised the names for various species within this genus. We are reporting the generic name as stated in Wang Zongxun et al.

English names are also lacking, although the Hawaii name "Loulu" is applied to most species but is only a generic name. It is hybridised with the English word palm to give the generic name Loulu palm. Another possible English generic name can be "Pritchardia's fan palm" since the genus was named in honour of W. T. Pritchard, a 19th-century British "official" based in Polynesia.


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