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Psophocarpus grandiflorus R. Wilczek

ENGLISH : Large-flowered winged bean .

Psophocarpus indicus Willd.

ENGLISH :  India wingbean.

GERMAN :  Goabohne.

Psophocarpus lancifolius Harms

Information needed.

Psophocarpus monophyllus Harms

Information needed

Psophocarpus palustris Desv.

SYNONYM(S) : Botor palustris (Desv.) Kuntze, Psophocarpus palmettorum Guill. et al.

CHINESE :  沼泽四棱豆  Zhao ze si leng dou,   Si leng dou (medicinal name).

ENGLISH : African winged bean.

JAPANESE :  プソフォカルプス パルストリス Pusofokarupusu parusutorisu.

Psophocarpus scandens (Endl.) Verdc.

SYNONYM(S) : Botor palustris sensu Hiern,  Diesingia scandens Endl., Mucuna comorensis Vatke, Psophocarpus longipedunculatus Hassk., Stizolobium comorense (Vatke) Piper., Psophocarpus palustris auct. non Desv., Psophocarpus tetragonolobus sensu auct.

ENGLISH : Tropical African winged bean.

JAPANESE :  プソフォカルプス  ロンギペデゥンクラトゥス   Pusofokarupusu rongipedunkuratusu (as P. longipedunculatus).

MALAGASY :  Anonantaka, Vahimafaraka.

MALAY : Kecipir monyet (Java).

SUNDANESE : Jaat monyet.


Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (Stickm.) DC., Dolichos tetragonolobus L., Botor tetragonolobus (L.) Kuntze.

BURMESE : Pe saung ya, Hto pong, Ku bemya.

CHINESE : Si leng dou, Si jiao dou ( Cantonese Sz kok tau ), Si leng dou (medicinal name).

DANISH : Goabønne, Goaboenne.

DUTCH : Ketjipir.

ENGLISH : Winged-bean, Goa-bean , Asparagus bean, Asparagus pea, Princess-pea, Four-angled-bean, Supermarket bean, Short day asparagus pea.

FINNISH : Goanpapu.

FRENCH : Pois asperge, Pois carré, Haricot ailé, Pois ailé.

GERMAN :  Flügelbohne.

GREEK :  Φασόλι ο νάνος.

HINDI :  Chaukoni sem.

ITALIAN : Fagiolo quadrato.

JAPANESE : Shikaku mame, ト ウサイ Tousai, ウリズン  Urizun.

KHMER : Prâpiëy.

KOREAN :  날개콩.

LAOTIAN : Thwàx ph'uu.

MALAY : Kecipir (Java), Kethipir (Java), Ketjeepir (Java) , Kachang botol (Kacang botol), Kacang kelisa, Kachang botor (Kacang botor), Kacang sirek, Kechang bolon, Kachang belimbing.

PORTUGUESE : Fava de cavalo.

RUSSIAN : Psofokarpus chetyrekhkylyi.

SINHALESE :  Dara dambala, Darambulla.

SPANISH : Dólico de Goa, Frijol alado, Judia careta, Calamismis (Philippines).

SWEDISH : Vingböna.

TAGALOG : Segidilla, Sigarilya, Sigarillas ?, Sigadillas ?.

THAI : Thua phuu (Too a poo).


VISAYAN : Kalamismis, Kabey.

Photo of seed (red-seeded cultivar) from the Illustrated Legume Database, Japan..
Photo of seed (black-seeded cultivar) from the Illustrated Legume Database, Japan..
Photo of flower and pod from the Illustrated Legume Database, Japan.
Descriptions (in English, with links to Japanese version and above photos) from the Illustrated Legume Database, Japan.
Photographs of seeds at the National Agrobiodiversity Center - Korea.
Photographs of flower at Miyakyo University, Japan.

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC. cv. 'Chimbu'

ENGLISH : Red-podded winged bean, Red-podded asparagus bean, Long-podded winged bean, Long-podded asparagus bean.

Could this be Psophocarpus palustris Desv. ?  Probably not because palustris is restricted to Africa and this cultivar is supposed to be from South-East Asia. Nobody has been able to confirm the existence of a "red-podded" cultivar so far.



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