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Rheedia aristata Griseb.  
SYNONYM(S) :  Garcinia aristata (Griseb.) Borhidi
SPANISH :  Espuela de caballero (Cuba), Manajú (Cuba), Manajucillo (Cuba).

Rheedia brasiliensis (Mart.) Planch. & Triana
SYNONYM(S) :  Garcinia brasiliensis Mart., Rheedia laterifolia L., Garcinia laterifolia Blume ?
Bakupari (Brazil), Bacupary (Brazil), Bacoropary (Brazil), Camboriu (Brazil).
SPANISH :  Achachairú (as R. laterifolia), Cachicherukui (as R. laterifolia), Guapomo (Bolivia), Ibaguazú (as R. laterifolia), Shashairú (as R. laterifolia), Tapacuari (as R. laterifolia).

This taxon is a little confused with Garcinia humilis. The confusion revolves in part around Rheedia laterifolia and Rheedia lateriflora. Indeed all these names could be synonymous. They have a common Spanish name "Achachairú", also shared with other species as well. "There is a feeling" that Rheedia brasiliensis is a Brazilian species whilst Garcinia humilis is more of Bolivian origin. All this remained to be confirmed.

Rheedia edulis (Seem.) Planch. & Triana
SYNONYM(S) :  Calophyllum edule Seem., Garcinia intermedia (Pittier) Hammel,  Rheedia intermedia Pittier
ENGLISH :  Lemon drop mangosteen, Waiki plum (Belize).
FRENCH :  Garcinia intermédiaire.
PORTUGUESE : Limao do matto (Brazil).
SPANISH :  Achachairu, Arrayán (Guatemala), Caimito  (Honduras), Caimito de montaña (Honduras), Chaparrón (El Salvador), Charichuelo, Fruta de mico (Honduras), Jocomico (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua), Jocote de mico (Guatemala, Honduras), Jorco (Costa Rica), Mameyito (Guatemala), Pacuri (Honduras), Palo bayo (Guatemala), Palo de frutilla (Guatemala), Sakipa (Honduras), Sastra (Panama).
TAGALOG :  Berba.

Rheedia macrophylla (Mart.) Planch. & Triana
SYNONYM(S) : Garcinia macrophylla Mart., Rheedia benthamiana Planch. & Triana, Rheedia macrophylla (Mart.) Planch. & Triana, Rheedia magnifica Pittier, Rheedia sagotiana Engl.
ENGLISH :  Large-leaved garcinia.
FRENCH :  Garcinia à grandes feuilles.
PORTUGUESE :  Bacuri, Bacuri de cerca, Bacuri pari (Brazil), Bacuparizeiro (Brazil).
SPANISH :  Achachairú, Achachairú grande, Chachairu, Chachairu grande (Bolivia), Charichuela (Peru), Charichuelo (Peru), Pacuriazú (Paraguay), Pacuri-acu (Paraguay), Renaquillo (Peru), Soiebo (Trinidad & Tobago).

Rheedia madruno (Kunth) Planch. & Triana        
Calophyllum madruno Kunth, 
Garcinia floribunda Miq. , Garcinia madruno (Kunth) Hammel, Garcinia portoricensis (Urb.) Alain, Rheedia acuminata (Ruiz & Pav.) Planch. & Triana, Rheedia madruno (Kunth) Planch. & Triana, Verticillaria acuminata Ruiz & Pav.
ENGLISH :  Costa Rica garcinia, Madrunogarcinia, Panama garcinia.

FRENCH :  Garcinia madruno, Madruno (as R. acuminata).

PORTUGUESE :  Bacuripari (Brazil), Bacuripari-selvagem (Brazil), Bacurizinho (Brazil), Bocupar (Brazil).
Cerillo (Costa Rica), Cero (Panama), Charichuelo (Peru, as R. acuminata)Cozoiba (Venezuela), Fruta de mono (Panama),  Guayabacoa (Puerto Rico),  Jorco (Costa Rica), Kamururu (Bolivia), Machari (Panama), Madroña (Costa Rica), Madroño (Panama), Naranjita, Naranjito, Ocoró (Bolivia), Palo de cruz (Puerto Rico), Satra (Panama), Satro (Panama).

Photograph of the fruit on Bill Whitman's "Let's Figure Out the Garcinias".


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