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Ribes nigrum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Ribes nigrum L. f. chlorocarpum (Späth) Rehder, Ribes nigrum L. var. chlorocarpum Späth

ARABIC : Nnbaq aswad (Morocco), Kishmish aswad. 

CHINESE :   黑穗 醋栗   Hei sui cu li.   

DANISH : Solbær.

DUTCH : Zwarte aalbes, Zwarte bes,Zwarte trosbes.

ENGLISH : Black currant.

FINNISH : Mustaherukka.

FRENCH : Cassis, Cassissier, Groseillier à fruits noirs.

GERMAN : Schwarze Johannisbeere.

GREEK :  Φραγκοστάφυλα  μαύρα  Fragostafyla mavra.

ITALIAN : Ribes nero.

JAPANESE :   ク ロフサスグリ    Kuro fusa suguri.

POLISH : Awaiting feedback.

PORTUGUESE : Groselha negra ,  Groselheira negra, Groselheira-preta.

RUSSIAN : Awaiting feedback.

SPANISH : Casis, Grosella negra, Grosellero negro.

SWEDISH : Svart vinbär, Tistron.

Ribes niveum Lindl.

DUTCH : Witte aalbes, Wittebessen, Witte trosbes.

ENGLISH :  White currant.

FRENCH :   Groseillier blanc.

GREEK :  Φραγκοστάφυλα άσπρα   Fragostafyla aspra.

Now considered as a synonym of 
Ribes rubrum L.

Ribes rubrum L.
SYNONYM(S) : Ribes rubrum L. var. sativum Rchb., Ribes sativum (Rchb.) Syme , Ribes sylvestre (Lam.) Mert. & W. D. J. Koch , Ribes vulgare Lam., nom. illeg., Ribes vulgare Lam. var. macrocarpum Jancz., Ribes vulgare Lam. var. sylvestre Lam.

ARABIC : Nnbaq hhmar (Morocco),  Kishmish ahmar.

CHINESE :  如红醋 栗  Ru hong cu li

DANISH : Have-Ribs, Ribs.

DUTCH :   Rode aalbes, Rode bessen, Rodetrosbes.

ENGLISH : Common currant, Garden  currant, Red currant.

FINNISH : Lännenpunaherukka, Punaherukka.

FRENCH : Groseillier commun, Groseillier rouge.

GERMAN : Johannisbeerstrauch, Rote Johannisbeere.

GREEK :  Φραγκοστάφυλα κόκκινα  Fragostafyla kokkinaΦραγκοστάφυλλα   Fragostafylla, Φραγκοστάφυλο  Fragostafylo.

ITALIAN : Ribes rosso.

JAPANESE :   ア カフサスグリ   Aka fusa suguri , 白実房スグリ Shiro fusa suguri , Aka-suguri.

POLISH : Awaiting feedback.

PORTUGUESE : Groselheira vermelha.

RUSSIAN : Awaiting feedback.

SPANISH : Grosella colorada ,  Grosella roja,  Grosellero común, Grosellero rojo.

SWEDISH :  Röda vinbär, Trädgårdsvinbär.



Ribes uva-crispa L.

SYNONYM(S) : Grossularia reclinata (L.) Mill., Ribes grossularia L., Ribesreclinatum L.

ARABIC :    'inab al-tha'lab,  Ttût rrûmi (Morocco).

CHINESE :   醋栗    Cu li 

DANISH : Stikkelsbær.

DUTCH : Kruisbes, Stekelbes.

ENGLISH : European gooseberry, Gooseberry.

FINNISH : Karviainen.

FRENCH : Groseille à maquereaux, Groseillier épineux.

GERMAN : Stachelbeere.

GREEK :   Πράσινα φραγκοστάφυλα  Prasina fragkostafyla.

JAPANESE :   マ ルスグリ   Maru suguri, オオスグリ  Oo suguri,  セイヨウスグリ   Seiyou suguri.

POLISH : Awaiting feedback.

RUSSIAN : Awaiting feedback.

SPANISH : Grosella blanca,Grosella verde, Grosellero espinoso.

SWEDISH : Krusbär.





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