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Rubia akane Nakai

CHINESE :     過山龍     Guo shan long  (Taiwan)   紅藤仔草     Hong teng zi cao  (Taiwan), 日本茜草  Ri ben qian cao.

アカネ   Akane, 日本茜    Nihon akane.

Rubia cordata Thunb.

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia munjith Roxb. ex Playfair

GERMAN : Indischer Krapp.


Rubia cordifolia L.

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia manjith Roxb. ex Flem., Rubia munjista Roxb., Rubia tinctorum L. var. cordifolia L.

BENGALI : Manjistha .

CHINESE :   茜草  Qian cao,   紅藤仔草    Hong teng zi cao   (Taiwan)Qian cao gen (root - Med. name).

ENGLISH : Aromatic madder, Bengal madder, Indian madder, Madderwort, Rubia root.

BENGALI : Munjeet.

FRENCH : Garance de l'Inde.

GERMAN : Tibetischer Färberkrapp.

HINDI : Majith, Manjit.

JAPANESE :   インド茜    Indo akane.

MALAYALAM : Manjetti.

NEPALESE : Mangito.

PORTUGUESE : Ruiva-da-Sibéria.

SANSKRIT : Gandari, Manjishta, Manjishtha, Manjistha, Manjit, Munjistha.

TAMIL : Manjitti.

TELUGU : Manjishtatige.


Rubia manjith Roxb. ex Flem.

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia cordifolia auct., non L.

ENGLISH : Indian madder.

GERMAN : Indischer Krapp.

HINDI : Majith.

JAPANESE :   インド茜    Indo akane.

NEPALESE : Majitho.

SANSKRIT : Manjishta.


These 2 synonyms could in turn be synonyms of one of the better known species : Rubia cordifolia L. On the other hand they could be synonyms of Rubia cordata Thunb. But then again R. cordata & R. cordifolia could turn-out to be the same plant. Confusion seems to still be present in taxonomists' minds on the synonymy and this is certainly reflected in the common names.


Rubia peregrina L.

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia tinctorum Scop., Rubia anglica Huds., Rubia tinctorum With.

DANISH : Vild krap, Vild Kraprod

DUTCH : Meekrap soort.

ENGLISH : Etruscan madder, European wild madder, Levant madder, Wild madder.

FRENCH : Garance sauvage, Garance voyageuse.

GERMAN : Echte Färberröte , Färber-Krapp, Fremde Färberröte , Kletten-Krapp, Wilder Krapp.

ITALIAN : Robbia selvatica

NORWEGIAN : Vill krapp.

SPANISH :  Awaiting feedback.


Rubia sikkimensis Kurz

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia manjith Roxb. Ex Fleming., Rubia cordifolia auct., non L.

ENGLISH : Himalayan madder.

FRENCH : Garance de l'Himalaya.

HINDI : Majith.

NEPALESE : Majitho.

SANSKRIT : Manjishta.



Rubia tinctorum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia sylvestris Mill., Rubia tinctoria L. ., Rubia tinctoria Salisb.

ARABIC : èl badara (Senegal), Faqqoos el-homaar.

BENGALI : Munjeet .

DANISH : Krap.

DUTCH : Meekrap.

ENGLISH : Alizarin, Common madder, Dyer's madder, European madder, Madder.

FINNISH : Värimatara, krappi.

FRENCH : Garance des teinturiers.

GERMAN : Färberkrapp, Färberröte, Krapp.

HUNGARIAN : Drinápolyi vörös.

ITALIAN : Robbia, Robbia domestica.

JAPANESE :    西洋茜    Seiyou akane.

POLISH : Marzana barwierska.

PORTUGUESE : Garanca, Ruiva dos tintureiros.

SPANISH : Garanza, Granza, Rubia de tintes.

SWEDISH : Krapp.

TURKISH : Akbas, Kõrmõzõ kök boyasõ.

UNIDENTIFIED : Bacho (India), Manyunth (India)


The Arabic name "Faqqoos el-homaar" and the Turkish "Akbas" are normally applied to Chrozophora tinctoria (L.) A. Juss. The Arabic "èl badara" from Senegal could be better applied to species such as Galium verum L.


Rubia yunnanensis (Franch. ex Diels) Diels

SYNONYM(S) : Rubia sikkimensis Kurz. var. yunnanensis Franch. ex Diels

CHINESE :    小红参   Xiao hong can.






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