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Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. f. nobilis (Makino & Uchida) Muroi

JAPANESE : Kintai zasa.


Sasaella hidaensis (Makino) Makino

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria hidaensis (Makino) Nakai, Sasa hidaensis Makino, Sasaella yamadoriana (Koidzumi) Koidzumi

JAPANESE : Hishu zasa.

Sasaella hidaensis (Makino) Makino var. muraii (Makino & Uchida) S. Suzuki

SYNONYM(S) : Sasaella hidaensis (Makino) Makino 'Muraii'

ENGLISH : Murai bamboo.

JAPANESE : Miyagi zasa.

Sasaella hisauchii (Makino) Makino

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria hakonensis Nakai , Arundinaria hisauchii (Makino) Nakai , Nipponobambusa hisauchii (Makino) Muroi , Pseudosasa hisauchii Makino, Sasa hisauchii (Makino) Makino,

JAPANESE : Hime suzu, Hime suzu, Hime suzu dake, Kitayama zasa.

KOREAN : Git teol jook (as Arundinaria hisauchii).

Sasaella kogasensis (Nakai) Nakai ex Koidz.

JAPANESE : Kogashi azuma zasa.

Sasaella kogasensis (Nakai) Nakai ex Koidz. f. uchidae (Makino) S. Suzuki

JAPANESE : Kemuku zasa.

Sasaella kogasensis (Nakai) Nakai ex Koidz. var. gracillima S. Suzuki

JAPANESE : Hime shino, Hime shino.


Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatsushima & Muroi (OHRN,Masman)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria purpurea H. & W. Simon, Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Nakai ex Koidzumi , Sasaella atropurpurea Makino & Nakai , Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatus. & Muroi ex Sugim., Sasa masamuneana (Makino) C. S. Chao & Renvoize (GRIN) , Sasa sasakiana Crouzet, nom. illeg. (OHRN)

GERMAN : Roter Rundhalm (as Arundinaria purpurea - doubtful).

JAPANESE : Genkei chiku, Genkei chiku, Genkei chiku, Kurio zasa, Shiiya zasa (as S. glabra), Shiiya zasa.

Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatsushima & Muroi 'Albostriata' (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatsushima & Muroi f. albostriata (Muroi) D. C. McClint. (GRIN) , Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. 'Albostriata', Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. f. albo-striata Muroi., Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. f. albostriata Muroi., Sasa masamuneana (Mak.) Chao et Renv. 'Albostriata', Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatsushima & Muroi 'Albostriata' (Masman)

ENGLISH : White-variegated bamboo grass, White-variegated dwarf running bamboo.

FRENCH : Bambou nain strié vert et blanc.

JAPANESE : Fuiri shiiya zasa.


Photograph and descriptions (English & German) at Der Bambuswald.

Photograph and description (Hungarian) at Tuja.

Photograph and description (French) of Sasaella glabra 'Albostriata'

Sasaella masamuneana (Makino) Hatsushima & Muroi 'Aureostriata' (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. 'Aureostriata' (Masman), Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. f. aureo-striata Muroi

ENGLISH : Gold-variegated bamboo grass, Gold-variegated dwarf running bamboo.

FRENCH : Bambou nain panaché vert et or.

JAPANESE : Kishima shiiya zasa.


Sasaella ovarifolia Muroi & Kashiwagi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Pleioblastus distichus (Mitford) Nakai x Sasaella glabra (Nakai) Koidz. f. nobilis (Makino & Uchida) Muroi

JAPANESE : Otafuku zasa, Oroshima chiku x Kintai zasa.

Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino (OHRN,GRIN,Masman)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria ramosa (Mak.) Mak. (Masman), Arundinaria vagans Gamble (GRIN,Masman), Bambusa ramosa Makino (Masman) , Pleioblastus sawadae Makino (OHRN), Pleioblastus viridistriatus (Sieb.) Makino 'Vagans' (Masman) , Sasa okadana Makino, Sasa ramosa (Makino) Makino & Shibata. (GRIN,Mabb,Masman) , Sasaella okadana (Makino) Makino , Sasaella sawadae (Makino) Makino

ENGLISH : Bamboo grass, Japanese dwarf running bamboo.

FRENCH : Bambou couvre-sol du Japon.

JAPANESE : Azuma zasa, Azuma zasa, Hakone medake (as Sasaella sawadae), Akone medake (as Pleioblastus sawadae), Hiroha azuma zasa (as Sasaella okadana).

KOREAN : Dong se.


Photograph by Jed Doty at The Bamboo Garden Nursery (USA).

Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino 'Albostriata' (OHRN)

JAPANESE : Fuiri azuma zasa, Fuiri azuma zasa, Shiroshima azuma zasa, Shiroshima azuma zasa.


Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino 'Flavostriata' (OHRN)

JAPANESE : Kisuji azuma zasa

Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino 'Kinmei'

JAPANESE : Kinmei azuma zasa, Kinmei azuma zasa.

Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino var. latifolia (Nakai) S. Suzuki (Tohoku)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria velutina Nakai, Arundinaria ramosa var. latifolia Nakai, Sasaella benten Makino & Nakai ex Nakai , Sasaella sawadae (xxx) xxx var. aobayamana S. Suzuki

JAPANESE : Aobayama zasa (as S. sawadae var. aobayamana), Benten zasa, Ooba azuma zasa (Ohba azuma zasa, Oba adzuma zasa).

Sasaella ramosa (Makino) Makino var. suwekoana (Makino) S. Suzuki (Tohoku, Ohrn)

SYNONYM(S) : Sasa suwekoana Makino, Sasaella suwekoana (Makino) Makino

JAPANESE : Sueko zasa (suweko sasa), Sueko zasa.


Sasaella reikoana (Muroi) Muroi (OHRN)

JAPANESE : Reiko shino, Reiko shino, Uwage reiko shino.

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