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Scilla amoena L.

CHINESE : Xing hua mian zao er.

ENGLISH : Star hyacinth.

Scilla autumnalis L.

CHINESE : Qiu mian zao er .

ENGLISH : Autumn squill.

FRENCH : Scille d'automne.

GERMAN : Herbst-Meerzwiebel, Herbst- Szilla.

HUNGARIAN : Ôszi csillagvirág. (Times font required to display "Ô" correctly)

SPANISH : Jacinto de Otoño, Jacinto endeble.

Photographs of flowers at Terra Foundation, Hungary.

Scilla beirana G. Sampaio

GERMAN : Beira-Blaustern.

Scilla bifolia L.

SYNONYM(S) : Scilla alpina Schur, Scilla carnea Sweet , Scilla decidua Speta, Scilla nivalis Boiss.

CHINESE : Er ye mian zao er.

DANISH : Tobladet skilla.

DUTCH : Sterhyacint.

ENGLISH : Alpine squill, Common bluebell, English bluebell, Two-leaved squill, Wild hyacinth.

ESTONIAN : Kahelehine sinilülia.

FRENCH : Scille à deux feuilles, Scille alpine, Scille des neiges.

GERMAN :  Sternhyazinte,, Zweiblättriger Blaustern, Zweiblättrige Meerzwiebel, Zweiblätterige Meerzwiebel.

POLISH : Cebulica dwulistna.


Photographs by Antoni Mielnikow.

Scilla campanulata Ait. -> Hyacinthoides non-scripta (L.) Chouard ex Rothm. subsp. hispanica (Miller) Kerguélen

Scilla drunensis Speta

HUNGARIAN : Nyugati csillagvirág.


Photographs of flowers at Terra Foundation, Hungary.

Scilla italica L. -> Hyacinthoides italica (L.) Rothm.

Scilla kladnii Schur.

HUNGARIAN : Erdélyi csillagvirág.


Photographs of flowers at Terra Foundation, Hungary.

Scilla lilio-hyacinthus L.

Scilla madeirensis Menezes

GERMAN : Madeira-Blaustern.

Scilla mischtschenkoana xxx

SYNONYM(S) : Scilla miczenkoana xxx

GERMAN : Blaustern.

Scilla morrisii Meikle

GERMAN : Morris' Blaustern.

Scilla non-scripta (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link -> Hyacinthoides non-scripta (L.) Chouard ex Rothm.

Scilla nutans Sm. -> Hyacinthoides non-scripta (L.) Chouard ex Rothm. subsp. non-scripta

Scilla odorata Link.

FRENCH : Scille odorante.

GERMAN : Wohlriechender Blauster.

Scilla orientalis Thunb.

SYNONYM(S) : Scilla bifolia Thunb.

ENGLISH : Oriental two-leaved squill.

FRENCH : Scille à deux feuilles orientale.

Scilla peruviana L.

SYNONYM(S) : Scilla hemisphaerica Boiss.

CHINESE : xxx xxx Xxx xxx mian zao er.

ENGLISH : Cuban lily.

FRENCH : Scille de Cuba, Scille du Pérou.

GERMAN : Peru-Blaustern.

ITALIAN : Flor de la corona, Flor de la piña.

SPANISH : Jacinto estrellado.


Photograph at Hortus Botanicus Catinensis, Departamento de Botánica - Universidad de Catania.

Scilla siberica Haw.

SYNONYM(S) : Endymion amoenulus Nym. , Scilla monanthos C. Koch

CHINESE : Xi bo li ya mian zao er.

DANISH : Russisk skilla.

DUTCH : Oosterse sterhyacint.

ENGLISH : Siberian squill, Spring squill.

ESTONIAN : Harilik sinilülia , Harilik stsilla

FINNISH : Idän sinililja, Siperialainen sinililja.

FRENCH : Scille de Sibérie.

GERMAN : Sibirischer Blaustern.

Scilla tubergeniana Hoog

CHINESE : Bai hua mian zao er.

ENGLISH : Early squill, English bluebell, Small bluebell, White squill.

Scilla verna Huds.

SYNONYM(S) : Scilla bifolia Oed. non L.

CHINESE : Chun hua mian zao er.

DANISH : Norsk blåstjene.

ENGLISH : Spring squill.

FRENCH : Scille de printemps.

Scilla vindobonensis F. Speta

HUNGARIAN : Ligeti csillagvirág.

FRENCH : Scille de Hongrie.


Photographs of flowers at Terra Foundation, Hungary.


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