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Scorzonera hispanica L.

SYNONYM(S) : Scorzonera edulis Moench, Scorzonera sativa Gater

CHINESE : Ou zhou ya cong.

DANISH : Skorzoner, Skorzonerrod.

DUTCH : Schorseneer.

ENGLISH : Common viper's grass, Scorzonera, Black salsify, Viper's grass.

FRENCH : Salsifis noir, Scorsonère, Scorsonère d'Espagne, Scorsonère géant de Russie, Salsifis noir..

GERMAN : Geissbart, Schwarzwurzel, Winterspargel.

HUNGARIAN : Spanyol pozdor.

ITALIAN : Scorzonera, Scorzonera di Spagna.

JAPANESE : Kiku gobou.

POLISH : Wezymord, Wezymord czarny, Wezymord czarny korsen.

PORTUGUESE : Escorcioneira, Salsifi-negro, Salsifi négro.

RUSSIAN : Skorconer.

SPANISH : Salsifi negro, Escorzonéra.

SWEDISH : Svartrot.


Scorzonera humilis L.

CHINESE : Ai xiao ya cong.

ENGLISH : Dwarf viper's grass.

FRENCH : Scorsonère nain.

Scorzonera manshurica Nakai

CHINESE : Dong bei ya cong.

ENGLISH : Manshurian viper's grass.

FRENCH : Scorsonère de Manchourie.

Scorzonera mongolica Maxim.

CHINESE : Meng gu ya cong.

ENGLISH : Mongolian viper's grass.

FRENCH : Scorsonère de Mongolie.

Scorzonera sinensis Lipsch. & Krasch.

CHINESE : Tao ye ya cong.

ENGLISH : Chinese viper's grass.

FRENCH : Scorsonère de Chine.

POLISH : Wezymord chinski.



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