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Secale cereale L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Frumentum secale var. cereale E.H.L. Krause,  Secale aestivum Uspensky , Secale arundinaceum Trautv. ex Steud., Secale compositum Poir., Secale creticum Siebold ex Kunth, Secale hybernum Poir., Secale triflorum P. Beauv., Secale vernum Poir., Triticum cereale (L.) Salisb., non Schrank, Triticum secale Link


Most common names applied to subsp. cereale would fit this taxon.

Secale cereale L. subsp. afghanicum (Vavilov) K. Hammer

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale afghanicum (Vavilov) Roshev.,  Secale cereale L. subsp. segetale Zhuk.,   Secale cereale L. var. afghanicum Vavilov,  Secale segetale (Zhuk.) Roshev. subsp. afghanicum (Vavilov) Bondar ex Korovina, Secale segetale (Zhuk.) Roshev. var. afghanicum (Vavilov) Tzvelev.

CHINESE :  野黑麦 Ye hei mai.

ENGLISH :  Wild rye.

Secale cereale L. subsp. ancestrale Zhuk.

SYNONYM(S) :  Secale ancestrale (Zhuk.) Zhuk , Secale cereale L. subsp. segetale Zhuk. , Secale cereale L. subsp. vavilovii (Grossh.) Kobyl., Secale iranicum Kobyl, Secale kasakorum Roshev., Secale segetale (Zhuk.) Roshev. ,  Secale transcaucasicum Grossh. , Secale vavilovii Grossh.

CHINESE :  脆轴黑麦   Cui zhou hei mai (as S. segetale), 野黑麦 Ye hei mai.

ENGLISH : Weedy rye, Wild rye.

RUSSIAN :  Рож предковая   (Rož predkovaja),  Рож сорно-полевая   (Rož sorno-polevaja).


Secale cereale L. subsp. cereale

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale cereale L., Secale cereale L. subsp. indo-europaeum Antropov & Antropova ex Roshev. , Secale cereale L. subsp. primitivum Kranz in Beih., Secale cereale L. subsp. rigidum Antropov & Antropova ex Roshev. , Secale cereale L. subsp. sativum Kranz , Secale cereale L. subsp. tetraploidum Kobyl. , Secale cereale L. subsp. tsitsinii Kobyl. , Secale cereale L. var. viride Vavilov, Secale cereale L. var. vulgare Körn. & H. Werner, Secale triflorum P. Beauv.

CHINESE :  黑麦  Hei mai,  黑麥   Hei mai  (Taiwan).


DUTCH : Rogge.

ENGLISH : Cereal rye, Rye.


FRENCH : Seigle, Seigle cultivé.

GERMAN : Roggen.

GREEK : Σίκαλη   Sikali,  Σίκαλις η σιτηρά  Sikalis i sitira.


ITALIAN : Segala, Segale, Segale comune .

JAPANESE : Rai mugi   

POLISH : żyto.

PORTUGUESE : Centeio .  

RUSSIAN : Рож   (Rož).

SPANISH : Centeno.   


Secale cereale L. subsp. rigidum Vavilov & Antropov

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale turkestanicum Bensin

Secale strictum (C. Presl) C. Presl

ENGLISH :  Mountain rye, Perennial rye.

ITALIAN :  Segale selvatica. 

Secale strictum (C. Presl) C. Presl subsp. africanum (Stapf) K. Hammer

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale africanum Stapf

Secale strictum (C. Presl) C. Presl subsp. strictum

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale dalmaticum Vis.,  Secale montanum Guss., Triticum strictum C. Presl 

ENGLISH :  Mountain rye.

Secale sylvestre Host

SYNONYM(S) :   Secale fragile M. Bieb.

CHINESE :  小黑麦   Xiao hei mai,   野黑麦 Ye hei mai.

ENGLISH :  Perennial rye, Wild rye.



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Most of the references that we consulted lately disagree with each other in respect of synonymy below the specific level. We started with listing only the most obvious synonyms, but people kept asking what about Secale cereale subsp. xxx or Secale cereale subsp. var. yyy. We have thereafter attempted to group together the most likely synonyms but we realize that the reliability of our classification is no better than any other.

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