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Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw.

SYNONYM(S) : Sicyos edule Jacq., Chayota edulis (Jacq.) Jacq.

CHINESE : Fo shou gua (Fo shu gua, Cantonese Fat shau kwa), Sun Ren Gua, Li Gua.

DANISH : Kayote.

DUTCH : Groente peer, Laboe siem.

ENGLISH : Vegetable pear, Chayote, Chayote squash (USA), Choko (Aust.), Chaco (West Indies), Choco (West Indies, Singapore), Madeira marrow.

FINNISH : Kajottikurpitsa.

FRENCH : Christophine (Trinidad), Chouchou, Chouchoutte, Chayotte, Mirliton (New Orleans - USA).

ITALIAN : Saiotta, Zuccheta africana.

JAPANESE : Hayato uri.

KHMER : Su suu.

LAOTIAN : Savëëx, Nooy th'ai.

MALAY : Labu siam (Indonesia), Labu jepang (Indonesia), Waluh jepang (Indonesia).

NAHUATL : Chayote.

NEPALESE : Iskul, Skul, Skush.

PORTUGUESE : Alcaiota, Chuchú, Caiota, Chocho, Xuxu, Machuchu (Brazil), Pepinela.

SPANISH : Cayota (Argentina), Chayote (fruit), Chayotera (vine), Chocho, Cidrayota (Colombia), Gayota (Peru), Guispui (Guatemala), Güisquil, Huisquil or Uisquil (Mexico, El Salvadore), Papa del aire (Argentina), Pipinela, Talote (Puerto Rico), Tallote (Puerto Rico), Guisqil (Pipil, from Guatemala & El Salvador).

SWEDISH : Kayote.

TAGALOG : Sayote.

THAI : Ma kheua kreua, Taeng kariang.



Photograph (leaf & fruit - an eco type from Costa Rica) by Gerrit Davidse at W3TROPICOS.

Photographs of fruits (different types from various continents) at the Cucurbit Network.


Types : Dark-green-fruited, Pale-green-fruited, Round-fruited, Spiny-fruited, Thin-fruited, White-fruited.

Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. (Green-fruited Group)

CHINESE : Qing fo shou gua, Qing guo fo shou gua.

ENGLISH : Green -fruited chayote, Common chayote.

FRENCH : Christophine à fruit vert, Christophine commune, Christophine ordinaire.

JAPANESE : Ao hayato uri.


Photograph (fruits on market stall) at International Plant Genetic Resources Institute.

Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. (Spiny-fruited Group)

CHINESE : Ci pi fo shou gua.

ENGLISH : Spiny -fruited chayote.

FRENCH : Christophine à fruit épineux, Christophine sauvage.


Photograph of fruit at the Cucurbit Network.

Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. (White-fruited Group)

CHINESE : Bai fo shou gua, Bai guo fo shou gua.

ENGLISH : White -fruited chayote.

FRENCH : Christophine à fruit blanc.

JAPANESE : Shiro hayato uri.








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