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Solena amplexicaulis (Lam.) Gandhi

Bryonia amplexicaulis Lam., Melothria amplexicaulis (Lam.) Cogn., Melothria heterophylla (Lour.) Cogn., Solena heterophylla Lour., Solena heterophylla (Lour.) Cogn., Zehneria umbellata Thwaites

CHINESE :  茅瓜   Mao gua.

ENGLISH :  Creeping Cucumber, Diversely-leaved melothria, Clasping-stemmed solena.

BENGALI :  Kudri.

HINDI :   अमन्तमूल Amantamul, बन काकड़ा  Ban kakra, तरली Tarali, वन ककड़ी Van kakdi.

KANNADA :    ಬೀಮ್ಪುಳಿ  Bimpuli.

MALAYALAM :  ഞെരിഞ്ഞാമ്പുളി  Nerinnampuli.

MARATHI :   गोमेटी Gometi.

NEPALESE :   बन कांकरो  Ban kankro.

ORIYA :  Kamaraja.

RUSSIAN :  Солена разнолистная  Solena raznolistnaya.

SANSKRIT :   अम्ळवेतसः Amlavetasah.

TAMIL :   புளிவஞ்சி Pulivanchi (Pulivanci).

TELUGU :   అడవి దొండ Adavi donda, తీగదొండ Tigadonda.
THAI :  Bong karen, Tam lueng tua phu.

URDU : Bankakra (Pakistan, India).

UNIDENTIFIED :   गोयंटिणी  Goimtini (India), Gometta, Kakkarikka, Kalpurikkadu, Karakia, Karakka, Karuvikizhangu, Makirla, Njerinjampuli, Pulivanji.

Solena delavayi (Cogn.) C. Y. Wu

SYNONYM(S) :   Melothria delavayi Cogn.

CHINESE :    滇藏茅瓜   Dian cang mao gua.

ENGLISH : Discrete solena.





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