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Stachys affinis Bunge

SYNONYM(S) : Stachys sieboldii Miquel, Stachys tuberifera Naudin

CHINESE :   甘露子  Gan lu zi.

DANISH :   Japankartofler, Kinaskok, Kinesiske jordskokker, Stachysknolde.

DUTCH :  Crosne wortelknolletjes, Japanse andoorn.

ENGLISH : Chinese artichoke, Japanese artichoke, Knotroot.

FRENCH :  Artichaut chinois, Artichaut japonais, Crosnes, Crosnes du Japon.

GERMAN : Chinesische Artischocke, Chinesische Artischocken,  Japanische Kartoffel, Japanziest,  Knollenkartoffel, Knollenziest, Ziestknollen.

GREEK :   Aγγινάρα της Ιαπωνίας.

ITALIAN :   Tuberina.

JAPANESE :   チョ ロギ  Chorogi.

KOREAN :   초석잠.

MALAY : Tung tung chow.

POLISH :  Czyściec bulwiasty.

PORTUGUESE :  Crosnes do Japão.

RUSSIAN :  Чистец Зибольд  Chistec Zibol'd,    Японский артишок  Iapnskii artishok,   Китайский артишок  Kitaiskii artishok.

SPANISH :  Alcachofa betónica, Alcachofa china, Crosne del Japón, Estaquídea del Japón.

THAI : Thua duang.

Stachys byzantina K. Koch

SYNONYM(S) : Stachys olympica auct.

ENGLISH : Lamb's ears, Woolly betony.

Stachys lanata auct.

SYNONYM(S) : Stachys olympica Poir.

ENGLISH : Lamb's ears, Lamb's tongue.

Stachys lanata xxx 'Silver Carpet'

ENGLISH : Non-flowering lamb's ears, Silver-leaved ornamental betony.

Stachys macrantha (K. Koch) Stearn

SYNONYM(S) : Betonica macrantha K. Koch

ENGLISH : Big betony.

Stachys officinalis (L.) Trevis

SYNONYM(S) : Betonica officinalis L., Stachys betonica Benth. nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Yao shui su.

ENGLISH : Purple betony, Wood betony, Bishop's wort.


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