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Suaeda calceoliformis (Hook.) Moq.

SYNONYM(S) :  Chenopodium calceoliforme Hook., Suaeda americana (Pers.) Fernald, Suaeda depressa auct.

ENGLISH :  Broom seepweed, Horned sea blite, Pursh's seepweed, Sea blite.

FRENCH :  Suéda couchée.

Suaeda corniculata (C. A. Mey.) Bunge

SYNONYM(S) :  Schoberia corniculata C. A. Mey.

CHINESE :  角果碱蓬  Jiao guo jian peng.

Suaeda glauca (Bunge) Bunge

SYNONYM(S) :  Salsola asparagoides Miq., Schoberia glauca Bunge, Suaeda asparagoides (Miq.) Makino

CHINESE :  碱蓬  Jian peng.

JAPANESE :   マツナ  Matsuna.

Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort.

SYNONYM(S) :  Atriplex maritima (L.) Crantz., Chenopodium australe R.Br., Chenopodium maritimum L., Chenopodina australis (R.Br.) Moq., Chenopodina maritima (L.) Moq., Chenopodina maritima (L.) Moq. var. vulgaris, Dondia maritima (L.) Druce), Lerchena maritima (L.) Kuntze., Salsola indica Willd., Salsola maritima (L.) Poir., Schoberia linifolia Nutt. ex Moq., Schoberia maritima (L.) C.A. Mey., Sueda australis (R.Br.) Moq., Suaeda indica Moq., Suaeda nudiflora Moq.

CHINESE : 裸花鹼蓬 (Taiwan).

DANISH : Strandgåsefod .

DUTCH : Klein schorrenkruid.

ENGLISH : Annual sea-blite, Herbaceous seepweed, Sea blite.

FRENCH : Soude maritime, Suéda maritime.

GERMAN : Indisches Salzkraut, Strandsode, Strand-Sode.

HINDI :  Alur.

JAPANESE :  ハママツナ  Hama matsuna.

PORTUGUESE : Valverde-da-praia.

RUSSIAN : Сведа приморская.

TAMIL :  Koyey kasseray keeray, Kayey  kaseeray  keray, Yella keeray.

TELUGU :   Kodee kasseray  kura, Kodee kasseery kura, Vellakora, Yella kura.

THAI :  Cha khraam.

VIETNAMESE :  Muoi bien.


 Photograph of Suaeda maritima, Atriplex prostrata and Puccinellia maritima community by Dr Ian Powell (published on the MarLIN Web site).

Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. subsp. maritima


Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. subsp. richii (Fern.) Bassett & C.W. Crompton

CHINESE :    Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Rich's seepweed.

Suaeda nigra (Raf.) J. F. Macbr.

SYNONYM(S) :  Chenopodium moquinii Torr., Suaeda diffusa S. Wats. , Suaeda moquinii (Torr.) Greene, Suaeda torreyana S. Watson

ENGLISH :   Bush seepweed, Mojave seablite, Seepweed, Shrubby seepweed..

SPANISH :  Quelite salado, Romerillo (Mexico), Romerito (Mexico), Romero (Mexico).

TAMIL : Kayey kaseeray keray (as S. diffusa).

TELUGU : Kodee kasseray kura, Vellakora (as S. diffusa).

Suaeda rolandii  Bassett &. Crompton

ENGLISH :  Roland’s sea-blite.

FRENCH :  Suéda de Roland.

Suaeda salsa (Linn.) Pall.

SYNONYM(S) :  Chenopodium salsum L., Chenopodina salsa (L.) Moq.-Tandon,   Salsola salsa (L.) L., Schoberia salsa (L.) C. A. Meyer, Suaeda heteroptera Kitag.,  Suaeda ussuriensis Iljin.

CHINESE :  盐地碱蓬   Yan di jian peng.

GERMAN :  Astrakanisches Salzkraut (as Salsola salsa).

Suaeda splendens (Pourr.) Gren. & Godr.

SYNONYM(S) :  Chenopodina setigera (DC.) Moq., Chenopodium clementei (Lag.) Spreng.,  Chenopodium setigerum DC.,  Cochliospermum clementei Lag.,  Salsola splendens Pourr., Schoberia clemente (Lag.) Steud.,  Schoberia setigera (DC.) C.A. Mey. , Suaeda clementei (Lag.) Heynh., Suaeda setigera (DC.) Moq.

HEBREW :  אֻכָּם חוֹפִי 

Suaeda vera Forssk. ex J. F. Gmel.

SYNONYM(S) :  Suaeda fruticosa (L.) Forssk.

ARABIC :  Daluq, Suwaydah.

ENGLISH :  African salsola, Shrubby sea-blite.

FRENCH :  Salsola d'Afrique, Suéda fruticuleux, Soude annulaire, Soude ligneuse.

GERMAN :  Afrikanische Seifenstaude.

HEBREW :   Awaiting feedback.

ITALIAN :  Salsola d'africa.

PORTUGUESE : Valverde-dos-sapais.

Photograph of seeds at USDA - GRIN.


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