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Swertia angustifolia Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don

CHINESE :  Xia ye zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaved swertia.

NEPALESE :    Ciraito.

THAI : Ya di faen (Chiang Mai),  หญ้าดอกลาย  Ya dok lai, Ya di khwai.


Swertia bimaculata (Siebold & Zucc.) C. B. Clarke

SYNONYM(S) : Swertia bimaculata (Siebold & Zucc.) Hook. f. & Thoms.

CHINESE : Zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Two-spotted swertia.

JAPANESE : Akebono sou.

Swertia calcicola Kerr

THAI : Ta ka po (Karen - Chiang Mai).

Swertia caroliniensis (Walter) Kuntze

SYNONYM(S) : Frasera caroliniensis Walt., Frasera officinalis W. Bart.

ENGLISH : American columbo, Columbo (USA), Green gentian (New York - USA).

SPANISH : Raiz de Colombo.

Swertia chinensis (Griseb.) Franch.

SYNONYM(S) : Swertia diluta (Turcz.) Benth. & Hook. f.

CHINESE : Bei fang zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Chinese swertia.

FRENCH : Swertie du nord de la Chine.


Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Fleming) H. Karst.

SYNONYM(S) : Gentiana chirata Wall. , Gentiana chirayita Roxb. ex Fleming, Swertia chirata (Wall.) C. B. Clarke

CHINESE : Yin du zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : East Indian balmony, Indian gentian.

FRENCH : Swertie de l'Inde.

HINDI : Chirata, Chiraita, Chiretta.

NEPALESE :     Ciraaitaa,    Tidaa.

SANSKRIT : Kiratatikta, Kiratatiktaka.

SPANISH : Esvertia de la India.

Swertia ciliata (D. Don ex G. Don) B. L. Burtt.

NEPALESE :      Kaalen.

Swertia japonica (Roem. & Schult.) Makino

SYNONYM(S) : Gentiana japonica Roem. & Schult.

FRENCH : Swertie du Japon.

JAPANESE : Senburi.


Swertia leducii Franch.

SYNONYM(S) : Swertia mileensis T. N. Ho & W. L. Shih

CHINESE : Qing ye dan.

Swertia macrosperma C. B. Clarke

CHINESE : Da zi zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Large-seeded swertia.

FRENCH : Swertie à grosses graines.

Swertia neglecta (Kellogg) Kuntze

SYNONYM(S) : Frasera neglecta H. M. Hall, Swertia neglecta Jepson

ENGLISH : Pine-green gentian.

Swertia nervosa (G. Don) C. B. Clarke

NEPALESE : Aulo ghans, Kaalo chiraaito (Kalo ciraito), Tite.

Swertia perennis L.

ENGLISH : Marsh felwort, Star gentian (USA).

FRENCH : Swertie pérenne, Swertie vivace.

GERMAN : Sumpfenzian, Tarant.

RUSSIAN :   Сверция многолетняя.

SPANISH : Esvertia.


Photograph of flowers by Luis Miguel Navarro at Valle de Tena.

Photograph (close-up) in Alaska.

Swertia punicea Hemsl.

CHINESE : Zi hong zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Scarlet swertia.

Swertia radiata (Kellogg) Kuntze

SYNONYM(S) : Frasera speciosa Douglas

ENGLISH : Deer's ears, Elkweed, Giant frasera, Green gentian, Monument plant.

SPANISH : Cebadilla.

Swertia striata Collett & Hemsl.

THAI :    หญ้าดอกลาย  Ya dok lai (Chiang Mai).

Swertia tibetica Batal.

CHINESE : Da yao zhang ya cai, Xi zang zhang ya cai.

ENGLISH : Tibetan swertia.

FRENCH : Swertie du Tibet.




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