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Tetragonia tetragonioides (Pall.) Kuntze

SYNONYM(S) : Tetragonia expansa Thunb. ex Murr.

AFRIKAANS : Nu Zeeland spinasie.

CHINESE : Xin xi lan bo cai.

CROATIAN : Novozelandski shpinat.

DANISH : Newzealandsk spinat.

DUTCH : Nieuwzeelandse spinazie.

ENGLISH : New Zealand spinach, Warrigal greens (Aust.), Warrigal cabbage, Warrigal spinach.

FRENCH : Tétragone, Tétragone cornue.

GERMAN : Neuseeländer-Spinat (Switzerland), Neuseeländischer Spinat.

GREEK : Spanaki Neas Zilandias.

HUNGARIAN : Ujzélandi paraj.

ITALIAN : Spinacio della Nouva Zelanda.

JAPANESE : Tsuruna.

NORWEGIAN : Ny-zealandsk spinat.

POLISH : Szpinak Nowozelandzki.

PORTUGUESE : Espinafre de Nova Zelândia, Espinafre da Nova Zelandia (Brazil).

RUSSIAN : Novozelandskii shpinat, Tetragonia shpinatnaia.

SERVIAN : Novozelandski spanach.

SLOVENIAN : Novozelandska shpinacha.

SPANISH : Espinaca de Nueva Zelandia.

SWEDISH : Nyzeeländsk spenat.


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