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Toona calantas Merr. & Rolfe

ENGLISH :  Philippine cedar, Philippine mahogany.

TAGALOG :  Kalantas.

Toona ciliata M. Roem.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cedrela australis R.Mudie,  Cedrela toona Roxb. ex. Rottler,  Cedrela toona Roxb. ex Willd.,  Cedrela velutina DC., Toona australis F. Muell., Toona australis (F. Muell.) Harms, Toona ciliata M. Roem. var. australis (F. Muell.) K.N. Bahadur, Toona microcarpa (C. DC.) Harms

BENGALI :      Tuun (Tun), Tuni.

BURMESE :  Mai yom horm, Taung tama, Taw thamgo, Thit kador .

CHINESE :  红椿  Hong chun,  小果红椿    Xiao guo hong chun (as T. microcarpa).

ENGLISH :   Australian cedar, Australian red cedar, Australian cedar, Burma cedar, Burma toon, Harms red cedar, Indian mahogany, Moulmein cedar (Myanmar), Queensland red cedar (Aust.), Red cedar, Toon.

FRENCH :   Cèdre rouge, Cèdre rouge d'Australie.

GERMAN :  Australisches mahagoni, Australisches Zeder.

HINDI :  Lud, Mahanim,    Tuun (Tun), Tuni.

KANNADA :   Kallukkalingi, Suli.

LAOTIAN :  Mai-yom-horm.

MALAY :   Suren kapar (Java), Suren mal (Java), Surian limpaga (Sabah), Ranggoh (Sabah).

MALAYALAM :   Devabaram, Mallarveppu.

PORTUGUESE :  Cedro-australiano (Brazil).

SANSKRIT :  Nandi, Nandika,      Tunnah (Tunna).

TAGALOG :  Danupra.

TAMIL :  Agil, Cevvagil, Karansuli, Mala-vembu, Santhana-vembu, Thevatharem,  Tunu,  Tunumaram.

THAI :  ยมหอม ,   Yom hom.

Toona febrifuga Roem.

SYNONYM(S) :   Soymida febrifuga (Roxb.) A. Juss.,  Swietenia febrifuga Roxb.

ENGLISH :  Iron redwood, Vietnam mahogany.

FRENCH :   Cèdre du Vietnam.

THAI :   Awaiting feedback.

VIETNAMESE :  Lát khét, Xương mộc.

Soymida febrifuga (Roxb.) A. Juss. is the current preferred name for this species but Soymida is not yet entered into our database.

Toona sinensis (A. Juss.) M. Roem.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cedrela chinensis Franch., Cedrela glabra C. DC.,  Cedrela longifolia Wall. ex C. DC.  var. kumaona C. DC.,  Cedrela serrata Royle,  Cedrela serrulata Miq., Cedrela sinensis A. Juss., Mioptrila odorata Raf.,  Toona glabra (C. DC.) Harms, Toona serrata (Royle) M. Roem.,  Toona serrulata (Miq.) Harms

CHINESE :  香椿   Xiang chun (Cantonese Hsiang tsun).

ENGLISH :  Chinese cedar, Chinese mahogany, Chinese toon, Chinese toon buds, Chinese toon leaves, Chinese toon shoots,  Red toon, Tree vegetable.

FRENCH :   Acajou de Chine, Cèdre de Chine.

GERMAN :  Chinesischer Surenbaum.

HINDI :      Daaraluu, Darli, Darloi, Darlu, Durla.

JAPANESE :   チャンチン    Chanchin.

MALAY :    Suren (Indonesia), Surian bawang.

VIETNAMESE :  Tông dù, Hương xuân.

Photograph  of spring foliage at Fiorella Gilli  in Italy.
Photograph 1 of spring foliage at Esveld - Holland.
Photographs showing seasonal foliage colour variations at Esveld - Holland. 
Photograph of spring foliage in China.
Photographs of bark, leaves & buds in Hong Kong.

2 types of Chinese toon : Purple Chinese toon ("young leaves and buds are a purple or dark red color, the skin is gray brown, the branches stretch out. The young shoots are strongly aromatic, rich in lipid, less fibrous") Green Chinese toon  ("The plant stands up. The skin is green gray. The young shoots are  less aromatic and  contain less lipid").
Ref:  Oriental Vegetable Seeds 2005 Catalogue. < >.

Toona sinensis (A. Juss.) M. Roem. 'Flamingo'

ENGLISH :  Cedrela flamingo.

FRENCH :   Cèdre flamand rose.

Toona sureni (Blume) Merr.

SYNONYM(S) :  Swietenia sureni Blume

CHINESE :    红楝子   Hong lian zi.

ENGLISH :  Indonesian mahogany.

FRENCH :   Cèdre d'Indonésie.

GERMAN :   Surenbaum.

MALAY :   Suren (Indonesia), Surian wangi.

TAGALOG :  Danupra.

VIETNAMESE :  Lát khét, Xương mộc.



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