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Trachycarpus fortunei (Hook.) H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaerops excelsa hort., Chamaerops fortunei Hook.

CHINESE : Shan zong, Zong lü, Zong shu.

DANISH : Chusanpalme, Hørpalme.

DUTCH : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Chinese hemp palm, Chusan palm, Hemp palm, Windmill palm, Chinese windmill palm.

FRENCH : Chanvre de Chine, Palmier chanvre, Palmier de Chine, Palmier moulin, Palmier de Chusan.

GERMAN : Echte Hanfpalme, Hochstämmige Hanfpalme, Palmvezel.

GREEK : Awaiting feedback.

ITALIAN : Canapa cinese.

JAPANESE : Shuro, Shuro, Wajuro.

PORTUGUESE : Cânhamo da China, Palmera de cáñamo.

RUSSIAN : Khamerops vysokii (as C. excelsa), Trakhikarpus forchuna, Trakhikarpus forguna.

SPANISH : Palma de fortune, Palma de jardín, Palmera china de abanico, Palmera de molino de viento, Palmito elevado, Traquicarro.


Trachycarpus latisectus T. W. Spanner, H. J. Noltie & M. Gibbons

SYNONYM(S) : Trachycarpus sikkimensis xxx.

ENGLISH : Darjeeling palm, Windamere palm.

FRENCH : Palmier Windamere.

GERMAN : Windamere-Palme.

Trachycarpus martianus (Wall.) H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaerops khasyana Griff, Chamaerops martiana Wall. ex Mart., Trachycarpus khasyana (Griff.) H. Wendl.

CHINESE : Shan zong lü, Xue shan zong lü.

ENGLISH : Martius' chusan palm, Martius' windmill palm.

FRENCH : Palmier moulin de Martius.

GERMAN : Von-Martius Hanfpalme, Windmühlenpalme.

RUSSIAN : Trakhikarpus Martiusa.

SPANISH : Palma de Martius.

Trachycarpus nana Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Trachycarpus nanus Becc.

CHINESE : Long zong.

ENGLISH : Dragonhead palm, Dwarf windmill palm.

FRENCH : Palmier nain du Yunnan.

GERMAN : Yunnan-Zwergpalme.


Trachycarpus takil Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Trachycarpus wagnerianus hort. ex Becc. ?

CHINESE : Xi ma la ya zong lü.

ENGLISH : Kumaon palm, Takil palm.

FRENCH : Palmier du Kumaon, Palmier du Mont Thakil, Palmier du Mont Thalkedar.

GERMAN : Kumaon-Hanfpalme.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.

NEPALESE : Awaiting feedback.

Trachycarpus wagnerianus hort. ex Becc.

CHINESE : Wa shi zong lü.

ENGLISH : Miniature Chusan palm, Waggie (Aust.), Wagner's windmill palm.

FRENCH : Palmier miniature de Chusan.

GERMAN : Wagners Hanfpalme, Windmühlenpalme.

JAPANESE : Toujuro.

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