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Typha angustata Bory & Chaub.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha angustifolia L. var. angustata (Bory & Chaub.) Jord., Typha angustifolia Sibth. & Sm., Typha gracilis Schur , Typha salgirica A. Krasnova

BENGALI : Kaaba.

CHINESE : Chang bao xiang pu.

ENGLISH : Long-bracted cattail.

GUJARATI : Awaiting feedback.

HINDI : Pateraa, Pateraa.

JAPANESE : Hime gama.

TAMIL : Awaiting feedback.


Considered as a synonym of T. domingensis by Michel Kerguélen (INRA - France).

Typha angustifolia L.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha angustata L., Typha angustifolia L. var. spathacea Borbás , Typha gracilis Reichb., Typha javanica Schnizlein ex Rohrbach

ARABIC : Bardî, Bût, Hhafâ'.

CHINESE : Shui zhu,  水燭  (Hong Kong).

CZECH : Orobincem uzkolistym, Orobinec úzkolisty (y with aigu accent).

DANISH : Awaiting feedback.

DUTCH : Kleine lisdodde.

ENGLISH : Cattail (USA), Cumbungi (Aboriginal - Aust.), Lesser bulrush, Lesser reed-mace, Narrow-leaf cattail, Narrow-leaved cat-tail, Reed-mace, Small bulrush.

FINNISH : Kapeaosmankäämi.

FRENCH : Massette à feuilles étroites, Massette des étangs, Quenouilles.

GERMAN : Schmalblaettriger Rohrkolben, Schmaler Rohrkolben.

ITALIAN : Lisca a foglie strette, Mazza sorda, Stiancia minore, Tifa a foglie strette.

JAPANESE : Hime gama.

NEPALESE : Khar, Pater.

NORWEGIAN : Smalbladet dunkjevle, Smalt dunkjevle.

PORTUGUESE : Tabua-estreita.

RUSSIAN : Rogoz uzkolistnyi.

SPANISH : Anea, Espadaña, Espadaña común, Espadaña estrecha, Espadona, Junco de la pasion, Macio de hoja estrecha, Mazio, Paja de sillas.

SWEDISH : Smalkaveldum.

TURKISH : Su kam1sh1.


Photographs by Jan Wesenberg in Norwegia.
Photograph  of foliage in Italy.
Photograph of female flowers in Switzerland.

Typha angustifolia L. subsp. australis (Schum. & Thonn.) Graebn.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha australis Schum. & Thonn.

CHINESE : Ao da li ya shui zhu, Ao zhou shui zhu.

ENGLISH : Cumbungi (Aboriginal - Aust.).

JAPANESE : Hime gama.

SPANISH : Enea, Espadaña, Boga de fulla estreta (Catalan), Balca de fulla estreta (Catalan).

Photoghraph by
Laboratori de Botànica, Dept. de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears. Palma de Mallorca. (Spain).

Typha capensis (Rohrb.) N. E. Br.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha angustifolia Eckl. & Zeyh. ex Rohrb., Typha latifolia L. subsp. capensis (L.) Rohrb.

ENGLISH : Cape bullrush, Common bullrush (South Africa), Cossack asparagus.

FRENCH : Massette du Cap.

Awaiting feedback.

Typha davidiana (Kronf.) Hand.-Mazz.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha laxmannii Jord. var. davidiana (Kronf.) C.F.Fang, Typha martini Jord. var. davidiana. Kronf.

Awaiting feedback.

Typha domingensis Pers.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha angustifolia Aubl., Typha angustifolia L. var. domingensis (Pers.) Hemsl., Typha dominguensis Pers., Typha tenuifolia Kunth

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaved cumbungi (Aust.), Cumbungi (Aboriginal - Aust.), Southern cattail (USA), Tall cattail.

SPANISH : Espadaña, Espadaña de México, Totora.


Considered as a synonym of Typha angustata Bory & Chaub. by Michel Kerguélen (INRA - France), and as a synonym of  Typha angustifolia L. subsp. australis by others (University of Jerusalem for example). Australian Aboriginal names suggest that the second option could be correct.

Typha elephantina Roxb.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha maresii Batt.

ARABIC : Awaiting feedback.

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Elephant grass, Elephant's grass.

GERMAN : Elefantengras.

HINDI : Biiraa, Boraa, Sarapata.

NEPALESE : Awaiting feedback.

RUSSIAN : Rogoz slonovyi.

SANSKRIT : Gundaraa.


 Photograph  of foliage.

Typha gracilis Rafin. -> Typha latifolia L.

Typha haussknechtii Rohrb.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha stenophylla Haussk.ex Rohrb.

FRENCH : Jonc d'Arménie.

Typha latifolia L.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha elongata Pauquy, Typha gracilis Rafin., Typha major Curt., Typha media DC., nom. illeg.

ARABIC : Bardî, Bût, Dâdî, Tîfâ.

CHINESE : Kuan ye xiang pu.

CZECH : Orobincem sirolistym, Orobinec sirolisty (s with inverted circumflex accent & y with aigu accent).

DANISH : Awaiting feedback.

DUTCH : Grote lisdodde.

ENGLISH : Bulrush, Broadleaf cattail (USA), Broad-leaved cat-tail, Cattail (USA), Cat's tail, Common cat-tail, Great reed-mace, Marsh pestle.

FINNISH : Leveäosmankäämi.

FRENCH : Jonc de la passion, Massette à grosses feuilles, Massette à larges feuilles, Roseau des étangs.

GERMAN : Breitblättriger Rohrkolben, Breiter Rohrkolben.

ITALIAN : Bastone acquatico, Candela, Lisca a foglie larghe, Lisca maggiore, Mazza d'acqua, Mazza sorda, Papea maggiore, Sala grande, Sordoni, Stiancia d'acqua, Tifa.

JAPANESE : Gama, Nemurokou hone.

NORWEGIAN : Bred dunkjevle, Bredt dunkjevle, Dunkjevle.

PORTUGUESE : Murrâo dos fogueteiros, Tabua larga.

RUSSIAN : Rogoz gratsioznyi (as T. gracilis Raf.), Rogoz kamysh, Rogoz shirokolistnyi.

SPANISH : Aceña, Enea, Espadaina, Espadaña ancha, Espadaña común, Junco de estretas, Junco de la pasión, Macío, Tule espidilla.

SWEDISH : Bredkaveldun.

TURKISH : Büyük su kam1sh1.

 Photograph by Norman Hagen.

Typha laxmannii Lepech.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha juncifolia Celak., Typha stenophylla Fisch. & Mey., Typha zerovii Klok. f. & A. Krasnova

ENGLISH : Graceful cattail.

CZECH : Orobinec sítinovity (y with acute accent).

HINDI : Pipataj (Kashmir).

RUSSIAN : Rogoz Laksmanna.

 Photograph by Josef Hlasek.

Typha minima Funck ex Hoppe

SYNONYM(S) : Rohrbachia minima (Funck ex Hoppe) Mavrodiev, Typha pallida Pobed.

CHINESE : Xiao xiang pu.

ENGLISH : Dwarf reedmace.

CZECH : Orobinec nejmensí (s with inverted circumflex accent ).

ITALIAN : Lisca minore.

JAPANESE : Gama minima.

RUSSIAN : Rogoz malyi.

Photograph by  Josef Hlasek.
Photograph of foliage (close-up).

Typha minima Funck ex Hoppe subsp. gracilis (Ducommun) K. Richter

SYNONYM(S) : Typha gracilis Jord.

ENGLISH : Graceful cattail.

RUSSIAN : Rogoz gratsioznyi (as T. gracilis).

Typha minima Funck ex Hoppe subsp. minima

SYNONYM(S) : Typha minor Sm.

CHINESE : Xiao xiang pu.

Typha muelleri Rohrb.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha angustifolia Hook.f. subsp. muelleri (Rohrb.) Graebn.

ENGLISH : Edible-rooted bullrush, Edible-rooted cat's tail, Raupo (Maori - New Zealand), Wonga (Aboriginal - Aust.).


Typha orientalis C. Presl

SYNONYM(S) : Typha latifolia L. var. orientalis (C. Presl) Rohrb., Typha orientalis C. Presl. var. brunnea Skvortsov, Typha shuttleworthii Koch & Sond. subsp. orientalis (C. Presl) Graebn.

ENGLISH : Broad-leaved cumbungi (Aust.), Cumbungi (Aboriginal - Aust.).

CHINESE : Dong fang xiang pu.

JAPANESE : Ko gama.

TAGALOG : Awaiting feedback.

Typha shuttleworthii Koch & Sond.

SYNONYM(S) : Typha latifolia L. subsp. shuttleworthii (Koch & Sonder) Stojan. & Stef., Typha transsilvanica Schur

ENGLISH : Shuttleworth's cattail.

FRENCH : Massette de Shuttleworth.

Photograph by Josef Hlasek.

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