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Ullucus tuberosus Caldas

SYNONYM(S) : Ullucus tuberosus Lozano, Ullucus kunthii Moquin-Tandon, Basella tuberosa (Lozano) Kunth, , Basella tuberosa HBK , Melloca tuberosa (Lozano) Lindley, Melloca peruviana Lindl.

AYMARA : Ulluma, Ulluco, Ullucu.

ENGLISH : Tuberous basella.

FRENCH : Baselle tubéreuse, Baselle tubéreuse cultivée.

QUECHUA :  Ollucu, Ulluco (Peru), Ullucu, Ulluku (Peru), Oca quina.

SPANISH : Camarones de tierra (Columbia), Chigua (Colombia), Chuguas (Colombia), Lisas (Peru), Melloco (Ecuador, Colombia),  Mucuchi (Venezuela), Olloco (Argentina), Olluco (Colombia), Ulluco (Bolivia), Papa lisa (Bolivia), Papa lisas (Peru),  Ulluco (Colombia), Ulluma (Argentina), Rubas (Colombia), Rubia (Venezuela), Ruba (Venezuela), Tiquiño (Venezuela), Timbós (Venezuela), Tuna ullush,  Ulluca (Argentina), Ulluma (Argentina).


Types : Long, Curved, Round, Spotted, Streaked, Yellow, Pink.


Photograph of some types of tubers by Hugh Wilson at Vascular Plant Image Gallery, Uni. of Texas.
Photograph of 5 different colour tubers by Daniel Giannoni at the
Centro Internacional de la Papa.

Ullucus tuberosus Caldas 'Pica de Pulga'

ENGLISH : Peruvian spotted ulluco.

SPANISH : Pica de pulga (Peru).

Ullucus tuberosus Caldas subsp. aborigineus Brücher

ENGLISH : Wild ulluco.

FRENCH : Baselle tubéreuse sauvage.

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