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Valerianella carinata Loisel

SYNONYM(S) : Fedia carinata Mertens & Koch, Valerianella praecox Waldst. & Kitaib.

ENGLISH : European cornsalad, Keel-fruited cornsalad.

FINNISH : Talkavuonankaali.

FRENCH : Mâche à carène.

GERMAN : Gekielter Feldsalat, Gekielter Nüsslisalat , Krönchen-Feldsalat.

ITALIAN : Gallinella carenata.

PORTUGUESE : Alface-azul.

SPANISH : Valerianela carinada.


Valerianella coronata (L.) DC.

FRENCH : Mâche couronnée.

GERMAN : Krönchen-Feldsalat.

ITALIAN : Gallinella coronata.

JAPANESE :   モモイロノジシャ   Momo iro nojisha.

PORTUGUESE : Falsa-alface.

RUSSIAN :  Мотовилка.

SPANISH : Hierba de los canónigos con bolas azules.


Valerianella dentata (L.) Poll.

ENGLISH : Narrow-fruited cornsalad.

FINNISH : Rikkavuonankaali.

GERMAN : Gezähnter Feldsalat.

SWEDISH : Sommarklynne.


Valerianella echinata (L.) DC.

Data needed.

Valerianella eriocarpa Desv.

SYNONYM(S) :   Fedia eriocarpa (Desv.) Roem. & Schult.

ENGLISH : Corn lettuce, Hairy-fruited cornsalad, Hairy-fruited milk grass, Italian corn salad, Italian lamb's , Large-leaved lamb's lettuce.

FRENCH :  Doucette à fruits velus, Mâche à fruits velus, Mâche d'Italie .  

GERMAN : Italienisches Rapünzchen, Wollfrüchtiger Feldsalat, Wollfrüchtiges Rapünzchen.

JAPANESE :   バレリアネラ・エリオカルパ   Barerianera eriokarupa.

PORTUGUESE : Alface de Alger.

SPANISH : Valerianela de Italia.   

Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr.

SYNONYM(S) :  Valeriana locusta L., Valerianella olitoria (L.) Pollich

CHINESE :  萵苣纈草   Gao ju xie cao (Taiwan), Ye ju.

DANISH : Tandfri vårsalat.

DUTCH : Veldsla.

ENGLISH : Common corn salad, Cornsalad, European cornsalad, Field salad, Lamb's lettuce, Milk grass, Smooth-fruited milk grass.

FINNISH : Rantavuonankaali, Vuonankaali.

FRENCH : Douchette, Mâche, Mâche potagère, Valérianelle.

GERMAN : Ackersalat, Echter Feldsalat, Gewöhnlicher Feldsalat, Nüsslisalat (Switzerland), Nüsslisalat Feldsalat , Rapunzel, Salat-Rapünzchen, Sonnenwirbele, Vogerlsalat (Austria).

GREEK :   Μαρουλάκι   Maroulaki,    Σμίρνηο  Smirneo.


ITALIAN :  Gallinella commune, Lattughella, Valerianella.

JAPANESE :  コーンサラダ    Koon saruda, マーシュ  Maashu, ノヂシャ Nojisha , ノジシャ  Nojisha.

NORWEGIAN : Vårsalat.

POLISH : Roszponka warzywna, Roszpunka warzywna.


RUSSIAN :   Полевой салат.

SPANISH : Canònigo, Lechuga de campo.

SWEDISH : Vårklynne, Vårsallat.


Photographs of flowers on Y. Hada's site, Okayama University of Science, Japan.

Photographs of leaves on Y. Hada's site, Okayama University of Science, Japan.


Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr.

ENGLISH : Beaked cornsalad .

JAPANESE :   シロノジシャ  Shiro nojisha.


Valerianella rimosa Bast.

SYNONYM(S) : Valerianella auricula DC.

DUTCH : Geoorde veldsla.

ENGLISH : Broad-fruited Cornsalad.

FINNISH : Uurrevuonankaali.

FRENCH : Mâche auriculée.

GERMAN : Gefurchter Feldsalat, Geöhrter Feldsalat.

ITALIAN : Gallinela liscia.

SPANISH : Valerianela rimosa.





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