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Vietnamosasa ciliata (A. Camus) Nguyen (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria ciliata A. Camus, Vietnamosasa ciliata (A. Camus) Nguyen To Quyen (IPNI)

THAI : Chote, Phai chote (phai djoud, phai djoûd).

Vietnamosasa darlacensis Nguyen (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Vietnamosasa darlacensis Nguyen To Quyen (IPNI)

ENGLISH : Vietnamese bamboo.


Vietnamosasa pusilla (A. Chevalier & A. Camus) Nguyen (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria pusilla A. Chevalier & A. Camus (OHRN), Chimonobambusa pusilla (A. Chevalier & A. Camus) Nakai (OHRN), Neomicrocalamus pusilla (A. Chevalier & A. Camus) Demoly (OHRN) , Vietnamosasa pusilla (A. Chevalier & A. Camus) Nguyen To Quyen (IPNI)

THAI : Pek, Phai pek (phai phek, phai phêk).



Photograph and description (in English) at Flora of Sut, Thailand.

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